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A Modern Day Soothsayer on the Future of Planet Earth

We have covered this sort of material before and it seems it just gets re-hashed over and over again.  So what is this soothsayer of old predicting (prophesying) now?  Well we would probably run out of paper in the printer if we had to back-track all of the theories NASA and their disciples have esp…

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Christian Churches Brought to Heel

There would be few caring people in the world who would not have been shocked at the revelations of child abuse by priests and ministers from our churches today and the covering up of these crimes through a hierarchical system that either turned a blind eye to the accusations or were complicit in ac…

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Eden and the Garden that the Lord God Planted

We have concerned ourselves with presenting what we believe to be the truth of the matter in relation to Eden and the Garden in which God placed Adam and Eve, and you will recall that we took down a previous article that we thought did not fully present the truth of this matter.  We have now posted …

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Explanatory Note About the Second Revision of the article "The Garden in Eden"

Philological decipherment is not a discipline that one goes about while having a Maccas and a glass of bubbly down at the local golden arches store.  And particularly in many cases where song line interpretation conflicts with any consensus rule of hermeneutics it takes many hours of studious examin…

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May God Give You the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation

It is most relevant that we encourage one another in our walk of Salvation, and this correspondence from Paul to the church in Ephesus is pertinent to all Christian believers – but moreso for those who are walking in their Salvation as one congregation unto Jesus Christ our Lord being our High Pries…

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The Royal Priesthood of all Believers

Good Christian men and women of the World.  Our Lord Jesus Christ has brought us into ministry for the Kingdom of God and made us all priests in the Royal Priesthood of the Order of King Melchizedec1.  Stand up and become that which the Lord has appointed you to be – we are the priesthood to our Hi…

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Apology for Service Fault

We have discovered that the Comments and Correspondence links on the Contacts page have not been working for some time.

This has now been rectified with with our sincere apologies.




(Please click on the Blog title for contact and comments links) 


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There is always a price to pay!

I was disappointed to see the fragmentation of the Federal Liberal Party recently, if for no other reason that any such collapse of a federal government has a negative impact on the Australian population who already struggle with the erosion of the political landscape with landslides and subsistence…

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In What Direction Are Our Churches Leading Their Congregations

Through the Faithchasers Network we try very hard to present every reason why we should believe the Bible to be the Word of God and also we encourage mankind to explore the Bible’s truths from the very beginnings of time through to the end of times.  We emphasise the point that God is not to be trif…

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New Article in Book Shelf library - The Redemption Plan

There is a new article in the Book Shelf library called The Redemption Plan.  This is a 150 page treatise following a twelve month study of why mankind is on planet Earth and how, down through the millenniums, a young maiden could give birth to a sinless male baby by producing the Seed of Eve who wo…

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New Page on Menu - Quiz Time

You may have noticed a new page on the website that provides questions and answers in a downloadable quiz-style format drawn from biblical scripture.

This is a fun page that will appeal to a broad range of ages and can be played in groups or individually to test one's biblical knowledge.  Go and …

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Has Our Errant Government Stirred God into Corrective Action

For those of you who have a good and rounded knowledge of the Hebrew scriptures of the Bible (or Tanakh for our Jewish friends), it becomes very obvious that when the Commonwealth of the Hebrew familial tribes obeyed God they were given peace from the incursions of their neighbours and their interna…

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Foreign Citizenship is Not An Exclusion Test Solely for Parliamentarians

We here in Australia are now faced with several of our federal parliamentarians being judged ineligible to serve as representative members of Parliament because of their non-compliance with the foreign citizenship test for holding such positions within Federal Parliament.  We can note that the great…

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Is the Voluntary Postal Plebiscite a Call for all Christians to be Numbered?

Australians, as a general rule, are reasonably easy going and politically don’t engage in over-reactions as the various political parties vie for leadership in the country’s State and Federal Parliaments.  But every now and again there comes a time when extraordinary events occur that challenge our …

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The Australian Constitution : Can We Rely On the Government to Uphold It?

I wish to indulge your interest in the people’s right to be able to “humbly rely on the blessing of Almighty God” as afforded to us all at Federation by the Constitution of the Federated States of Australia.  In support of this comment I refer you to the preamble of our Constitution - which reads: …

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Thoughts About Changing the Marriage Laws in Australia to Include Same Gender Relationships


by Wendy Rooke

October 2017

Firstly, the current plebiscite voting is about changing the Marriage Law to include same gender relationships, it is not a dispute about the rights and wrongs of lifestyle choices. However, the "Yes" vote campaigners seem determined to make it about j…

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What Are Australians Really Being Asked in the Same Gender Marriage Question

The issue that is being discussed at the Federal Government level is something entirely different to what is being pushed through social media and those who are very aggressively campaigning for changes in support of the homosexual community in general .  Whilst a great many people already have an o…

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Will There be Redemption for Those Engaging in Homosexual Relationships?

The churches of the world are divided on this question and I fail to understand why.  Our Christian forebears have been very clear on this question and for some extraordinary reason the churches of today with only few exceptions have failed in their primary message to those who seek to be redeemed b…

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Presbyterian Church of Australia - Moderator-General John Wilson

“The General Assembly urges congregations to support the ‘No’ case in opposing the redefinition of marriage.” 

Without binding consciences, please read the following as a request from the PCA that when the government asks for your opinion that you consider supporting the “NO” vote.…

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God Save the King - Is this a British Salutation?

I am still wading through the Books of Kings and similarly to finding a smiley (see previous post) I came across "God Save the King".  Now somewhere in the past I have registered that this saying was typically British going back into the previous millenniums.  But how wrong can some of these early p…

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