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Alien Spacecraft at work - The Telegraph 10th March 2017

You might gather from the title that this has something to do with that baseless, factless and fictional idea that there are aliens under every cabbage plant.  Well apparently a decade ago Science detected (not discovered) fast radio bursts coming from deep space.  These bursts have a very short frequency of about one millisecond but are very intense and emanate from a region of “remote galaxies billions of light years away”.

And so when these scientific academics studied these bursts they said to themselves, “These are aliens”.   Well of course they did.  That’s apparently what you immediately think when you are an astrophysicist and see a flash of light in the night sky.

“Well of course they are aliens!  What else could they be – a natural phenomenon? Perhaps a new type of star or a galactic collision?  Don’t be silly! ”  

The facts about this case are that the distance over which these bursts are radiating is beyond human concept to even begin to speculate within the realms of any sort of mature thought.  Think about this. If we use this as an example of a light source 5 billion light years away in deep space the distance from Earth is 29.3 billion-trillion miles and, if we sent our fastest rocket ever (New Horizons Probe 2006) to search for the light source it would take ---------------------wait for it ----------------------------93 trillion years to get there.  

This is more crazy stuff the likes of which calls into question why we are spending multiple trillions of dollars on deep space research when a great portion of the population of the Earth are still starving, have no water, have no proper toilets, suffer an infant mortality rate of over 150 in 1,000 babies under one year old and live literally hand-to-mouth on a daily basis.  It is grotesque.

These flashing light burst events occurred at their origin billions of years ago, and given that planet Earth is only 4 billion years old, these events precede the existence of our solar system and reach back  to when the universe was obviously still in a flux condition.  Is it possible that we are seeing evidence of colliding galaxies?  Absolutely and unequivocally YES!  Is it possible that we are seeing latent evidence of the stars in the deep outer regions still in their formative stage and are ejecting satellite bodies the size of planets as they seek equilibrium in a localised solar system.  Once again, absolutely Yes!

Without personalising this article, the scientific musing is that we here on Earth could also build such a transmitter.  It would be a reflector with a diameter twice the size of planet Earth (did you get that) and would need to be water cooled (and that too).  As if this whole matter wasn’t humorous enough.  So we are going to laud these geniuses for their contribution to mankind’s services.  It is an appalling disgrace upon humankind!

Am I contrite about lampooning Harvard University Astrophysics Department, or even the Astrophysical Journal and the Telegraph for publishing this uninspiring drivel? Hmp!

Let me cut to the chase.

God created the heavens and the Earth and from our best advices this commenced about 14 billion years ago.   After some 10 billion years and as part of the continued outworking of God’s creation, planet Earth solidified from being a mega gas and dust cloud and our planet was formed in company with its planetary siblings and the Sun star.  (The Book of Genesis 1:1-2)

The purpose of God’s creation is not a random act.  It was a very intricate and a beyond-human-concept plan to create an environment in which humans could choose to undertake service to God undergirded by their inward faith that He would provide a spiritual refuge for eternity as a reward for their conviction and commitment to holy service within His Kingdom.  It is nominally called Salvation.

There is no mention of aliens or any other terrestrial type life forms in the Bible.  There is only planet Earth.  All other solar bodies, planetary formations and galaxies, the likes of which we haven’t yet fully found, are there in a subservient role to planet earth.

Genesis 1:16              And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and

                             the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

Genesis 1:17              And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth

Science does not want you to know the facts about other life forms in the universe.  That is “any”  life form whether we call it alien or bacterial or fossil or elemental indicators.  And let me be absolutely unequivocal and unambiguous about this.  Science has not discovered, or seen, or found, or produced one shred of evidence that alien life forms exist in the universe. Everything that you may have read about alien existence and all that has been proffered on this subject by Science is fiction solely based on very dubious speculation.  And that is the truth.

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