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And What Do We Think About Extraterrestrial Aliens

The only attack from aliens that we are ever going to have on this planet is from those humans who have used the media to propagate this huge myth saying that aliens exist in the cosmos.  We can trace the history of this science fiction back to the first millennium BC and can observe how the general societal view has been duped into believing it to be true. Good ol' HG Wells.   

For goodness sake even the major governments of the world have been duped into giving over to science trillions of dollars to do "research" to look for them.  Hello!  Its like putting a fox into a chicken coop to report on productivity - talk about vested interests.  

Well we decided to address this from a Christian perspective.  The result - Aliens are a myth with a huge influence today on our young children, youth and adults alike that we have not seen before.  You have to read this new article in the Library. 

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