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Believers are Still Confused About Genesis 1:26-27 and Genesis 2:7

I was inspired by an article that came through social media to pen a response to the question if Adam was a hermaphrodite prior to Eve coming forth.  That article tested the notion that Adam was both male and female, and when Eve was formed from Adam's rib the femininity of the female gender came out of Adam and they became male and female individuals.

I have written a response to this and have put it into our Library, entitled "Was Adam Originally a Hermaphrodite?" and also we have listed this question as Myth 27.

It is very saddening to see believers becoming confused about Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:7 and what events they relate to.  By correctly dividing God's word to gain an understanding of the underlying mechanisms of God's great Creation the rewards are truly stunning.

The Genesis 1:26-27 passage refers to Hominin Man about whom Science tells us appeared on Earth circa 500,000 years ago.  This early form of human race developed over 23 species to become early modern Cro-magnon Man and Neanderthal Man.  Science tells us that these two last species co-existed.  But even after some 500,000 years this early man remained trapped in primitivism and never escaped their hunter-gatherer hand-to-mouth existence.

Turn the time-clock forward to 6,000 years ago and God introduced into the then Hominin population Adam and Eve who were the true forebears of today's modern man.  By setting these truths as our foundation, we clean up the confusion of duplicity between Gen 1:27 and Gen 2:7 and set a course to unravel never-before understanding about the genesis of our universe and the human race.

Go to our Library and spend a few minutes looking at how understanding can straighten out so many of the otherwise questionable issues that traditionally we Christians have for centuries misunderstood.

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