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Did Y'shua (Jesus) really have siblings?

If we look at Matthew 13:55-56 we find that Matthew recorded that James, Joses, Simon, Juda and un-named sisters were children from Miriam (Mary) but this does not make them siblings per se'.

Given that Miriam was the last of the maidens that had the pure blood line of the Seed of Eve it was inevitable that God had her bring forth His Only Begotten Son.  Of course Joseph could not be the father of this first child because his DNA would have corrupted the pure lineage of the Adamic line, ie the first Adam who was not of the DNA of Hominin Indigenous Man (who had been on the planet since circa. 500,000 BC) because he was made of a pure DNA strain direct from God being formed from the dust of the ground.   And when it was "just-in-time" that God brought forth Y'shua, ie the last Adam, the first of Miriam's seed had to be God's only begotten son.

So to answer the question, Y'shua was the second (and last) child that would be "born" of a pure DNA.  I am inclined to think that it was necessary that Y'shua was the first child of Miriam and this has separated him from any other children from Miriam that may have followed.  There has been a great debate over the years about the scriptural description of Miriam being a "maiden" and not being described as a virgin and there may be good reason for this.

We note that the Hebrew word for maiden can be translated Girl, ie young girl, perhaps even too young to be of child bearing capacity.  And this would fit with the whole preservation of the pure lineage.  We know from the Gospels that Joseph had not been with Miriam and this also fits in with her youngness.  Yes there had been a promise of marraige but we can read from the account that this was the extent of it.  Was there a wedding planned? - not that we have been told.  I suggest not.

My opinion is that Miriam's "first" seed, indicating that her time had arrived, was inspired/created/formed by the Holy Spirit and was not a part of her natural body's process.  Thereby making this particular seed unique in that it had her pure DNA but it was not naturally produced.  Thereby rendering all following children from Miriam as not being of a technical sibling relationship.     


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