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Explanatory Note About the Second Revision of the article "The Garden in Eden"

Philological decipherment is not a discipline that one goes about while having a Maccas and a glass of bubbly down at the local golden arches store.  And particularly in many cases where song line interpretation conflicts with any consensus rule of hermeneutics it takes many hours of studious examination to fully grasp the intent of song line recitals that often have their roots thousands of years in antiquity.

Why I say this is because the Book of Genesis is a very typical case where everybody who is anybody wants a bit of the spot light action.  Scholars have a view, Science and its various disciplines have views as do bible commentators as do just about anyone who can read and express themselves.

But, and let me emphasise that objection, we can ask the question, “What is the real truth that the Lord God is endeavouring to have us pay attention to without going off-message into some fanciful jibber-jabba that just sounds good?”.

Now that is a rough and ugly way of saying that the deciphering of the Genesis script recitals (according to Moses’ recordings) is sometimes very tough and arduous and is fraught with twists and turns that can completely change the meaning in the space of one verse – or even one word.

We at Faithchasers are not perfect but we try very hard to intercept the holy spirit of understanding about tough passages where the general societal view disbelieves its authenticity, and hence we endeavour to put a case into an open format for the benefit of believers (and nonbelievers) all over the world. Such is this case of the Garden in Eden.

Genesis Chapter Two verses seven to fifteen (Gen 2:7-15) has been opined over by hundreds, if not thousands, of people since Adam and Eve were expelled from it, and whether from Sunday School teaching or academic commentary or even scientific research papers generally most people have formed some opinion about it ranging from “it’s a great fictional story” to “Eden being a real place where the first modern man entered the world”.

This is the sand pit we are playing in right now, and because of some intrinsically difficult dimensional issues between our world and the multiple heavens mentioned in the Bible, we have been perhaps too anxious to put something onto the website.  

A very good test for assessing if we have the truth at hand, is that the truth, ie the understanding of events and their cause and effect relationship in the world, must fit like a tailored glove over the facts as they are presented.  

So we have come across some threads in the glove that don’t fit very well and we are reassessing where we are at with our understanding of this matter.  We will be seeking our Lord’s guidance on this and will put up the revised article when we are happy that we have got it right.

Geoff Rooke


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