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Has Our Errant Government Stirred God into Corrective Action

For those of you who have a good and rounded knowledge of the Hebrew scriptures of the Bible (or Tanakh for our Jewish friends), it becomes very obvious that when the Commonwealth of the Hebrew familial tribes obeyed God they were given peace from the incursions of their neighbours and their internal affairs went into periods of health, wealth and prosperity.  On the other hand, when these same communities did evil things before God they were oppressed by the opposite of these things.

This “reward and correction” process is observable in the Hebrew scripts right through the times of mankind’s habitation of the planet and even today it is still a tool to encourage correct behaviour of nations and communities and, again on the other hand, is also used to provide a means of correction to these same societies who fall into errant ways.  And just as an aside, these tools are not restricted just to the nation of Israel or even to just the Jewish communities around the world.  Because of the fulfilment of the Law through the Salvation wrought by God’s Only Begotten Son, we can identify these “reward and correction” trends globally; because what was just a very select familial society pertaining to patriarchal Jacob (called Israel) has now become inclusive of those Gentile peoples that worship God through their Salvation into the Kingdom of God today.

So let’s come up into modern times here in Australia and have a look at what is going on.  At a local State level in Victoria we have an errant Government that is hell-bent on sponsoring our most vulnerable sick and elderly to be euthanased.  At a Federal level we have a Parliament that is determined to promote homosexual behaviour up to be on a par with those earnest and God-fearing men and women couples that seek to enter into the institution of marriage before God.

These two items alone are in the range of behaviours that will incur God-driven consequences and it is a great shame to this nation that the responsible political parties have fallen before the gods of the earth to sponsor what many would identify as two of the worst offences that could be perpetrated upon the Australian society.  We should be in no doubt that State sponsored murder of our sick and vulnerable and the promotion of homosexuality within our communities are at the extreme end of what God has expressed in no uncertain terms as being evil.

Now let’s look at the reality and responsiveness of God to these plots to destroy our community bonds and bring on a horrendous wave of uncertainty to all those who are sick and all those who are old, and to the rest of the population force them to accept the evil ways of the Sodomites.

As this article is being written the State Government is still debating the issue of euthanasia - so they still have time to recant their error and withdraw the Bill.  As for the Federal Government, it is of no  coincidence that it has just lost its majority to govern.  God views homosexuality as being so extreme that His response to dis-endorse the Government is no surprise at all given the volume of pleas that would have gone to Him from the God-fearing souls of this country.

So, history repeats itself.  God rewards the faithful and obedient – He also will make corrections when governments and societies become disobedient and commit treachery against not only the faithful, but against His mankind.  The message is clear.  You may not worship God, but you had better treat His mankind with care and with diligence to maintain an obedience to His will.     


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