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Honestly, Do You Really Think We Are Living in a Matrix?


Have we all seen the Matrix trilogy? 

Did we grasp any deep analogy of this same principle applying to the real world?

Science fiction in the world today has taken a larger-than-life position within the general societal view whom think that life on other planets and aliens are not only possible, but has convinced  governments around the world to fork out bucket loads of money for science fictionists to throw away on the quest to find them.  Instead of asking the question, ie “Are you guys for real?” maybe subtlety is just that – too subtle.  So let’s speak plainly.

First of all if you read the response to Myth 23, we have dealt with the issue of aliens attacking the planet to kill us all and have provided very solid argument that debunks this whole extraterrestrial-beings-in the-universe message as rubbish in a realty sense, but it identifies that enormous sums of money are being given to Science to investigate where these “aliens” might be.  One could ask where governments are getting these ideas –  but we can obviously guess, scientists of course. What a surprise, it’s nothing to do with vested interests though.  Is it?

Poverbs 29:12             If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.

Someone should send this to the leaders of the free world who are allocating grotesque amounts of money for the purposes of chasing comic strip fiction stories.  For these rulers the Proverbs scripture is for your good advice. 

Now we are seeing in media propagation that aliens are not the only comic book item on the agenda to waste money on.  From the headline above, now the mega rich (and a world bank) wish to have science investigate if this current world in which you and I live is only a figment of an implanted imagination into what one could describe as a foetaloid growth enveloped in a fabricated womb with an external life sustaining system connected to a master computer.  Do they also really think that there are 20 billion of these test-tube blister sacs hanging on a mega wall of a structure that controls the whole world - good luck with that one! And to suggest that the other side of the fire wall contains master code for a reality platform that we can enliven ourselves into an avatarish fiction on an upper level and occupy the space between the bytes of code and become The One.

    “Yep, that sounds like it took a lot of brains”. 

Now I’m as switched on as the next bloke, and I don’t know about them others, but something stinks about this parody and it needs to be shoved down a deep dark hole and buried.  The problem for a start is that we have got into the way of saying “science fiction” as though it was an everyday normal thing that we understand to be a vital part of the Sciences.   The fact is that this fiction comic book stuff really has no connection to science except that there are some very “out there” people with an academic qualification who have ditched their honest living for a comedy routine that is just that - a vaguely amusing entertainment.  We really do need to start thinking about fiction without the science, because this is exactly what it is.  And if this was how the general societal view thought it might rub off onto the leaders of the free world (??) and the sick rich then perhaps we might see genuine efforts to make this world a better place for us all to live.

For a Christian however, this is a very interesting subject, and I am sure if the mega rich were less like the rich ruler from 2 millennia ago they would have a better chance at understanding that there is a lot more to the Kingdom of God on Earth than they might otherwise dare to think.  In fact I think that they might be genuinely surprised at what awaits humankind around the corner.

Matthew 19:24           And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

Someone please send this to the rich merchants of comic book fiction who obviously have nothing better to do with their money.  There is a road to destruction and they are on it at the Apollo speed of 24,791 mph.  “Way to go fellas”.

“Wait a minute! Someone is trying to say something here.  What was that you said?  Oh! You don’t know what else to spend your money on”

Well, we can talk about funds being choked off for NFP research projects into global diseases,  we can cite 2.6 billion people in the world currently without access to any form of sanitation, we can cite nearly one billion people in the world who do not have access to running drinking water, we can further cite 795 million people that are under-fed in the world and we can cite three billion people that scratch out a mere survival on less than $2.50 per day.  It is grotesque that the rich of the world are intoxicated by their wealth and parade their money before the ill, the needy, the thirsty, the hungry, the poverty ridden and the battered souls caught up in senseless theatres of human conflict. 

“Don’t bother speaking again, your money already has!”

When we discussed aliens in a previous article we passed over the subject of cosmic plurality and dimensional dualism because this was even further “out there” than just plain old aliens.  So it is probably timely that we do this now.  I am a bit reticent to “throw pearls before the pigs” but for the sake of fellow Christians we need to open a discussion about how to deal with this clap-trap and also to recognise that everlasting life in the New Jerusalem with God is not even close to being vaguely on the same subject as these comic book Hollywood Matrix code breakers. 

The Christian reality is this.  Not everyone is believing there is a God, let alone a Saviour that will redeem us back to God from the life of sin that we have been living.  We Christians will never stop trying to convince the unbelievers in the world that sin is upon them and they are not able to access an eternal life in a paradise whilst they are still clinging to these filthy rags.  So we can ask the question, “Is this world real, or are we all being duped into thinking so?”

In plain language, this world is very real and depending on what a person does, thinks and says, will determine what will happen to them in the long term, ie  Heaven or eternal damnation.   This world is, obviously, a physical dimension.  In it we need to fuel our bodies with food to sustain life, we need to procreate to sustain humankind, if we cut ourselves we bleed, if we hit our thumbs with a hammer it hurts, if we lay in the sun we burn (and get skin cancer).  We love, we hate. We laugh, we cry. We are doctors who heal, we are soldiers who kill.  We are all of these things and we are the epitome of man, his good, his bad and his ugly. 

But being man is only a fleeting moment in time and so short is the dash that we hardly know ourselves within the reality of the kingdom of God. Our time on this earthy planet is to choose whether we want self-indulgent pleasures, whether to grab the desirable, want the more, give the less, tread on them that will boost our status and station or just cheat and kick against what is good and Godly.

And whilst we can wax lyrical about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and draw a gun faster than Trinity, sing Leonard Cohen’s Hallalujah, and save the planet on Independence Day like the all American President, the fact is we are all sinners and with few exceptions of great bravery and sacrifice, we all shall face God on the day of the Great White Throne of Judgement.

And what we have done during this earthly dash of a life in the real world of flesh and blood will be a decision that will have ramifications in the hereafter forever and ever.  We either live for ourselves – to our destruction, or we live for God – to our real life in the heaven of New Jerusalem.  So to all you revellers of the night, drunk on your riches and high stations, the prophets say woe unto you.  To the Godless the prophets say woe unto you.  But to the meek and sober and Godly, God says they will inherit the earth.

“Are there two dimensions in this universe?  Yes there are.”  And we have proofs in abundance that we have the physical earth and above us we have a firmament of the heavens.  In plain speak we have mankind in this physical realm and there is a spiritual realm in and about which resides God and his angels, cherubim, seraphim and the sons of God.  It is not a cosmic pluralism or a psychological dualism.  Man exists in the physical realm and will not escape from it in the flesh.  The heavens are the reside of God and the angels and the others with them.  There is a Tree of Life from which comes a fruit that if partaken of, a man’s soul will be elevated to the realm of the spiritual. There is another tree and its fruit is rich and sweet but it is poison and brings death.   When one is judged on the day of his appearance before God he will receive those fruits of his earthy labours.     

Our planet Earth and this physical dimension is not a life of a foetaloid body slung in a blister sack on a wall in a fictional movie film stage.  And if you don’t know not to believe it you seriously need help.  Look at your watch.  Your personal race is already underway and your dash to the finish line is coming up fast.  Will you win??  

So let me speak to Mr Mega Rich.  Let me speak to that world Banker.  Do you honestly think that we live in a thespian world of puppets on strings and we don’t have a mind of our own.  If we did would you be as you are? Or would you too be just a dumb piece of wood with a string to hold you up.  Your life right now is screaming at you that you are the very proof that you are in a real world and are a real person – and you need God badly. 

Be the wise rich man and divest of your love of wealth and make a deposit on your hereafter.  God knows you need to do this now.


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