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In What Direction Are Our Churches Leading Their Congregations

Through the Faithchasers Network we try very hard to present every reason why we should believe the Bible to be the Word of God and also we encourage mankind to explore the Bible’s truths from the very beginnings of time through to the end of times.  We emphasise the point that God is not to be trifled with, and that being said, recognise that there exists a compelling vested interest for all of mankind to honour God and to undertake a service within His Kingdom even though we are all standing sinners.  

That we are forgiven our sins through the personal sacrifice of our Lord and saviour, Jesus the Messiah, the Only Begotten Son of God, and who is the Word of God and High Priest over the Royal Priesthood of believers after the order of King Melchizedec; and so by repentance of our sins and in faith believing and following the Lord’s words and teachings (i.e. the law written upon our hearts), we have a law to follow that will lead us in our obedience to God’s will.  If we do not follow this law within, then death is at the door to our soul.  

Let it be said that there is no alternative option available for mankind who is disobedient to God’s word and who refuse to believe wholly and solely upon his name and the name of his only begotten son.  It is on this wise that we have no option but to surrender to God - for the only other way for non-believers is death and hell.  Paraphrased in today’s idiom; “believe or perish”.  

Now that is a mouthful I must say, but we absolutely need to grasp just how real God is.  We are not privileged to just take bits and pieces of God’s word when we “feel inclined” that it might have some relevance to our lives, and neither are we privileged to entertain thoughts that we are not under any law.  There are some deep rooted mis-truths being bandied about by many shepherds in our Christian congregations and it will come as a catastrophic shock when the truth is fully revealed to them.  

In previous articles we have put forward God’s indisputable word on the subject of gender confusion that is occurring in the human race, and we have also clearly shown that the pagan practises of the communities in Sodom and Gomorrah drew a very sharp and decisive interdiction from God wherein they were obliterated from this living realm principally because they had un-natural practises that were contrary to the will of God, and secondly that their wanton lifestyle threatened the future success of The Redemption Plan in the lands of Canaan. 

In recent times over the whole same gender marriage debate here in Australia, there was only one congregation that publicly stated clearly and unambiguously that same gender marriage was against God’s Word and therefore should not be allowed to flourish in the communities within God’s kingdom.  There have since been two other prominent congregations that have publicly embraced same gender relationships into their churches, which includes the flow-on behaviours, with both permitting their shepherds to be actively engaging in same gender relationships.  One of these has opened the door to allow church marriage ceremonies to be conducted for same gender partners, including their own shepherds.

There is a line that if crossed will lead to expulsion (or exclusion) from the Kingdom of God and we cannot talk our way past the fact that God deems the practises of same gender relationships as an evil born out of darkness and hence those practitioners of it cross from light into darkness.  In plain speak they have perished already. 

What will become of the good men still in these congregations?  Are they at risk? These are good questions needing to be addressed.  Will the errant shepherds of these congregations be able to bring the true word of God to their flock, or will it be a concoction of self-indulgence and untruths to appease the urges of their unsaved flesh in a mishmash of teachings to support their delusional self-gratification. Either way it is as ugly as sin is itself.

2Timothy 3:16-17 
All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 
That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

Good Christian men and women of Australia. Stand firm in the laws of God as they were delivered by our Lord and Saviour, the true Word of God. Preach the holiness of God’s Word to the younger and lead by example in how to conduct our lives.  God will bless your every endeavour toward teaching our future generations about God and the saving grace wrought through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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