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Should Christians embrace the research into human connections through DNA ?

Should Christians embrace the new genetic science of DNA research?  
“A good question” you may well say, “But what is its value when it comes to believing in God?”

Well the answer to that is – everything!   Yes I mean it is shaping up to be particularly relevant to biblical anthropogeny because it can “see” back before the time of Adam and Eve when Hominin Man made up the population of the world.  It can look at DNA chain linkages of modern man today and through analyses determine groupings of like human DNA.  It was a real thrill to see that the DNA of Hominin Man survived through Noah’s flood despite there being only eight souls survive in Noah’s Ark.

This piece of information triggered a quite amazing find about these eight souls who comprised of Noah and his wife, their sons, Ham, Japheth and Shem plus the three daughters-in-law.   It was only through the discovery that the DNA of Hominin Man came through the Flood that led to the understanding that Noah and his wife were of the pure blood line from the Seed of Eve (Genesis 3:15), at least one of the daughters-in-law were also of the pure blood line and married Shem and at least one of the other daughters-in-law were from the lineage of Hominin Man.  

We shouldn’t think that this is strange because we now know Adam and Eve came into the world (Genesis 2:7) already populated by Hominin Man (Genesis 1:26-27) and we also now know that Cain took a Hominin female to wife (Genesis 4:17).  

What I am excited about is that I look forward to DNA analysis identifying the throttle-point, or bottle neck that occurred when only three child bearing couples exited the Ark.  I also am excited about these studies identifying that post the Babylonian dispersal following Nimrod’s failed attempt to over-throw God’s influence that the population dispersal caused by the mixing of the languages followed along the old family lines of Ham(ites) travelling West into Africa, Japheth’s descendants travelling Northward into today’s Europe and Shem’s descendants settling in the region of the Middle East, ie Cannaan, the fertile crescent and the Persian Gulf.

Whether Science can “see” evidence of the pure blood line of Eve’s Seed is a good point to ponder also, however because the “pure unadulterated” Seed of Eve terminated with Miriam (Mary) after the birth of Jesus (Y’shua) it is currently problematic to identify trace linkages to these terminated chains.  

By way of explanation, the pure Seed of Eve was carried down the generations by the female lineage through careful marriage counselling where eligibility was restricted to only partners who were themselves born from pure blood-line parents.  And because Joseph may not have been of the pure blood line, and progeny from his DNA would no longer be pure per se’, the Seed of Eve would thereafter be forever corrupted.  Hence whilst Miriam (Mary) had daughters who would have carried on her mitochondrial linkage, in Seed-of-Eve speak, the pure blood line had been thus terminated.  

It is my contention that God waited for this exact time so that Jesus (Y’shua) would be the very last soul to be born of the pure Seed of Eve and thereby cutting off any potential subversive act by Satan to compromise God’s Redemption Plan further – although Satan did attempt this when he was spiritually controlling the execution of all babies born in the year and region of Bethlehem at the time of our Lord’s birth.

And thanks for asking [ :-) ], the reproductive seeds of females are created within them during the time of their mother's gestation, unlike males whose seed is produced from time to time.  Therefore the pure seed from Eve was able to be carried all the way down the generations but only if each bearing couple were both of the unadulterated DNA from Adam and Eve.  If there had been any interference from Hominin Man, the purity of Eve’s seed would have been compromised.  

Hence, and this is where the real understanding happens, is that it is only through God’s genius of design of a females reproductive system that the female DNA from Eve was sinless, ie  Eve already had her seed within prior to sin occurring in the world.  And so under the provision that all of the male partners down the ages were also of a pure DNA from Adam, there would be no Hominin DNA.  And finally, this is why Jesus (Y’shua) was not born of a human male because whilst the male seed may have been pure from Adam’s DNA it was flawed with sin and the only way that he could arrive in the world sinless and be born of a woman was to have been conceived by the will of God.

This also explains why God acted so decisively as a consequence of the fallen angels intermingling with the daughters of man (and animals) and whilst the song-lines of Genesis do not mention this, the devastation of Noah’s Flood excised all corrupted DNA of the fallen angels and their descendants.  This included all of the lineages and linkages of the angels DNA chains across the board.  And if we think about this, the extent of the corruption to the human DNA pool must have been 100% less one couple.  This is why the song-lines account that God found only Noah to be worthy.  (Genesis 6:9  These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations).  

The consequence of having “alien” DNA from the fallen angels corrupt all human life would have cut off God’s human creation from bringing forth Messiah who needed to be born of a woman and sinless, as according to scripture.

So, is DNA interesting to the Bible scholar?  You be the judge.


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