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The Book of Genesis is a Compilation of Ancient Song Lines

Having an understanding of the constructs that under-lie Song Lines that are commonly found in developed indigenous communities opens up the The Book of Genesis scripts to reveal some deeper truths buried in these early biblical chapters.

A recent study into the composition of the Hebrew Genesis script utilising this knowledge has shone a bright light onto the early Genesis chapters revealing some otherwise hidden truths that bridge the void between the story of Creation from the biblical script and the evidences of very old beginnings put forward by Science.

These scripts have their beginnings in the Garden of Eden and the song lines we see now in compendium form from Moses' writings are transposed from song lines laid down initially by Adam and held in memory through rote leaning.  This oral form of data retention is classic song line material handed down the generations by the oral traditions of the early Hebrew elders.

The commonality between the two philosophies of biblical based and Science based is remarkable when exposed to this new examination and is a scholastic challenge to both sides of the age-old debate about the origin of the universe; to think again about their stances and relationship with each other.  It is best described as Science only going where the biblical account of Creation has already been.  This development demands attention and intelligent discussion from both sides of the divide.



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