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The Continuing Hunt for (Non-Existent) Aliens

I am in no doubt why the general societal view thinks that there are aliens and monsters out there in the universe.  They have no way of knowing the real truth of the matter and we all are subject to waiting on media releases and research papers from Science to inform us of the truth.

But what if Science was not being exactly frank with us.  How do we find out that the fact of the matter about our universe is that since their space programmes commenced Science has not found one shred of evidence in any form of fossil or bacterial microbes or indeed any advanced forms of life or even space ships or dwellings on other planets or galaxies?  And let me be unequivocally and unambiguously clear on this.  They have found nothing.   But this is not the impression they feed to the public.  Science would have us believe in extra-terrestrial monsters and aliens with intergalactic star ships and that we are under threat of a total extinction event from some droopy little dude with elongated fingers chanting “E T phone home”.

Well if you see past my sarcasm you will grasp the falsehood of everything that Science is feeding the public and also feeding to our governments who are spending trillions of dollars chasing something that just does not exist.

Why I can say this is because I know that this universe of ours and everything that is within it has its manufacturing tag sewn onto its collar.  It says, “MADE BY GOD”.

With two more recent articles that I came across espousing Science’s view that they have found aliens (Oh please! Here they go again) I have written another article that deals with the contextual issues that Science is remaining silent on – a very worthwhile read for everyone on this planet, and, of course, why none of this rubbish about aliens and monsters and extinction events is true. 

I question why such high profile scientists promulgate lies upon the public if not for their grubby desire to extract trillions of dollars of funding to keep them employed, and I fill in a little about why our universe was created in the first place.

The bottom line is:  The notion of aliens and monsters and threats from intergalactic hostilities is pure fiction.  It is all lies and Science is acutely aware that they are espousing innuendo and ambiguity in their research papers and media releases to give an impression that these things exist.  And let me re-state the case – no evidence what-so-ever has been found outside of planet Earth that points to life forms of any kind - alien or otherwise.

The truth is that God planned to put a universe into existence and within it he placed planet Earth.  He did so for a very specific purpose to invite those who believe in him to be part of an elect that would join him in his perpetual abode. He did not create aliens.  He did not create extra-terrestrial monsters and he did not develop planet Earth over 14 billion years to let some grimy endoparasitoid extraterrestrial species spoil it before his purposes were fulfilled.  And this sure ain’t going to happen.

In short, don’t mess with the label.  This universe is MADE BY GOD.

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The Continuing Hunt for (Non-Existent) Aliens

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