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What Deity Do You Think You Are Worshipping at Christmas and Easter?

At first glance you might think this is a very dumb question.  Thirty years ago I would have defended my belief that of course we were worshipping the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob at Christmas and Easter but I would have added that the evils of the world had crept into these festivals and were trying to spoil them.  Do you think this would have been a reasonable response to that question?

But something has changed in recent times and we at Faithchasers had an unction to investigate if this long held general view was correct.  Well!  I tell you!  What a shock we got when we started to look into the roots of the Christian festivals and holy days.  Every one of the mainstream Christian celebrated days, ie, Christmas, Easter and even our regular Sundays, plus all of the associated days that hang off them have been changed from their original God ordained day of observance to now be syncretised into days that worship the pagan gods of old.  

At Christmas, as we all know, it is touted to celebrate the Lord's birth. So we first questioned how this could be correct because if we follow our scriptures, Y'shua (Jesus) was born in the summer months of the Middle Eastern region.  This means he was born six months to the side of the 25th December.  So we went deeper and found that his birth had been syncretised, ie bundled up and tipped into the very popular Roman Empire pagan festival in honour of the Sun god Sol Invictus.  

We also looked at Sundays and why the day of observance was changed from the seventh day of rest as ordained by God, to the first day of the week, ie Sundays.  We found that Sundays were also a day in the pagan Roman Empires worship of this same Sun god Sol, and in fact the name of the day took up his name.

We then looked at Easter and similarly found that the God ordained Passover festival, a very holy day in respect of both traditional Jewish and Messianic (the Christianity of our Lord and his disciples) observance and found that it too had been syncretised to a date that was in worship to the old pagan goddess Astarte, also called Ishtar (Easter) and again we find this goddess in the Roman Empire's list of pagan gods who was also widely celebrated. 

Further research revealed that Emperor Constantine (AD 272-337) was a professed worshipper of the Sun god Sol Invictus and despite professing a conversion, he demonstrably went right on with his pagan worship and it is he who decreed that these Jewish holy days (remember - ordained by God) would be dropped into via syncretisation to give honour to Sol and to Ishtar.

So if one looks at all of the current events on the mainstream Christian liturgical calendar today, we see that every festival and every holy day has been linked to worship a pagan god.  God of course is very unhappy that all of His decreed holy days of observance have been discarded in favour of honouring a pagan god and He tells us so in quite a few scripture passages. I get a very heavy sense that and there will be long term consequences for allowing this to have occurred in the first instance, and in the second, allowing it to continue in these more enlightened times. 

So let me ask that question again, "What deity do you think you are worshipping and giving honour to at Christmas, Easter and on every Sunday?"

For a more detailed article please refer to our Library Page: A Deeply Concerning Look at Christian Festivals and Holy Days.  


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