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A Christian OUTREACH Building Faith in the Word of God 



The Faithchasers Network encourages and promotes intervention into the tidal surge of negativity that is engulfing the general societal view on the authenticity of the Bible and the very existence of God.  We reach out to believers and unbelievers alike to correct the many myths and mis-truths being spread about that contribute to the undermining of the fabric of today's society in general and the loss of faith at a personal level in particular.  

This is a non-denominational network of every-day people that are able to address dis-belief and lost belief in the authenticity of the Word of God by using a canny art of everyday conversation and conversational hooks to input evidence from both Scripture and Science to re-establish faith links for those souls who sometimes don't realise the predicament within which they are actually living.  

Primarily focusing on God's creation of our world and the Book of Genesis in general, we publish articles and other materials that provide understanding behind these and many other major events so that faith-busting myths can be addressed with practical responses in general conversation.  The conversational techniques available to a Faithchaser through this website are very powerful and effective over a period of time.

Through this website we will present scriptural references and details of scientific evidences that support the truth of the bible scriptures stretching back to mankind's beginnings in the Book of Genesis.  The website also highlights both biblical truths and commonly held myths and seeks to facilitate an understanding of the scriptures for every visitor. 

This Website contains:

Biblical Truths
The underlying premise of Faithchasers is that the bible, in its entirety, is the inspired Word of God that accounts actual events and actual dialogues throughout the anthropogenous history of the world extending right back to Adam in the Garden of Eden. It is this one fact that we need to get right in our thinking and actively reject the volumes of counter claims that say anything to the contrary. 

Visit our Myth Page and view most of the common untrue beliefs that are said to be in the Bible.  We have addressed all of these myths with articles or studies that show that these myths are untrue.  Click on the myth name and it becomes a link to our Book Shelf material.

Book Shelf
Our library consists of all the articles, studies and publications from the links on various pages.  This facilitates ease of viewing all material without needing to search for specific links to relevant subject matter.

The Blog is a day-to-day page that enables the team to make comment on any given subject that may arise in news streams or other publishings.  It is candid and sometimes blunt but always has the interests of supporting the authenticity of the Bible and encouraging readers to pursue their faith in God, his kingdom and his Salvation.

Fishing Tackle Box

Within a fisherperson's tackle box is a number of tools and handy gadgets along with hooks, sinkers and fishing line.  It is the goto when you are out there in the big seas luring fish of all sizes onto your line.  The analogy from being a fishing person to an effective operative within the Kingdom of God is striking, and we discuss on this page how that analogy works out in the hustle-and-bustle of general society to generate and strengthen belief in the Bible and the gospel truths within it. 

Quiz Time

This Page provides Question and Answer Cards for viewing or download testing one's general knowledge of the Bible.  It is designed to be a fun section that is suitable for a wide range of ages and levels of knowledge.  It can be seen as another learning tool to clarify biblical truths and to uplift the participant


We have provided contact details for any questions, comments or suggestions.



This network serves at ground level through every-day people power in bringing truth and understanding to the fore.  



How the Site Works

This website is a resource for identifying what the common reasons are why disbelief in the Bible exists and also to identify faith-busting myths that are commonly thought, albeit incorrectly, to be in the Bible.  

There are articles and publications available for downloading or viewing that will greatly assist in gaining an understanding of the truths that pertains to the particular issues listed.  

Often events from scripture can be challenged by mis-information that make it very difficult to continue to hold faith in the bibles authenticity, and also there are a number of common myths that have this same negative effect, so we endeavour to cover them all.

 Additionally there is a library of other articles and publications that are very useful to have as a reference source for understanding God's Word. 

 The reason for providing this information in this manner is that in order to gain an understanding of any particular matter it is often necessary to build up a set of foundational structures upon which the understanding sits, and it is through this structure of truths that understanding can be discovered.  

The material for these articles comes from a variety of sources, including scientific research, Biblical Scholars, and the author's own Biblical Studies and publications.   


All material published from this site is mainstream Christian philosophy based directly on the word of God.  The predominant biblical script is from the King James Bible unless otherwise noted.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to engage with a network of Faithchasers across the world who can operate independently within their own circles of family, friends and acquaintances to address the myths about God and the Bible that have for too long riddled society's fabric.

Our Philosophy

Understanding is gained through knowing the Truth.