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Biblical Truths

There are five core reasons to explain why there is so much unbelief in the world and also why so many congregations have been side-tracked away from the central tenets of Christendom.  These are:

*    Unbelief in God 

*    Belief in untrue myths about the Bible's content

*    Unbelief in parts of the Bible being God's holy Word

*    Errant teachings

*    inability to maintain any interest in discovering God's truths.

Any of these five reasons can have catastrophic repercussions on a Christian person's life and puts their soul in genuine jeopardy unless the matters are addressed and resolved.  This Page works in concert with the Myth List, but from a more positive direction.  None-the-less the anti-God sentiment identified here is just as damaging as believing any untrue myth so we hope that by presenting issues that many folk struggle to accept as true in God's word we can reach out to fill the breach and restore faith where needed.  

Below are a growing list of more common issues that believers are struggling to maintain faith in their authenticity and although the team is still working on the support materials, there are linkages through to existing papers in the Library that will greatly assist.


The Difficult Items to Believe List


The Garden of Eden  (Genesis Chapter 2)

Ex Nihilo Creation of the universe by God     (Genesis Chapter 1:1)

Ten billion year difference in age between the universe and planet Earth     (Genesis Chapter 1:2)

The order of creation according to God himself     (Genesis Chapter One)

Hominin man's appearance on Earth 500,000 years before Adam     (Genesis Chapter 1:27)

Adam and Eve    (Genesis Chapter 2:7)

The unique DNA and pure blood line of Adam and Eve    (Genesis Chapter 2:7 & 2:21)

The fall from grace in the Garden of Eden   (Genesis Chapter 3:1)

The daughters of Hominin man married into the developing Adamic family (Genesis Chapter 4:17)

The wickedness on Earth of all the land-dwelling air-breathing life forms  (Genesis Chapter 6)

Noah's Flood  (Genesis Chapters 6 and 7)

Tower at Babel  (Genesis Chapter 11)

Disbursement into tribes of different languages (Genesis Chapter 11:7)

Continuity of Hebrew Language from Adam

The older scripts of the Bible are the true word of God

Heathen Festivals Have Corrupted Christian Celebrations

Celibacy is Not a Pathway to Gain the Powers of Angels


More to follow.