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It is Definitely NOT Okay to Send Your Precious Children to Halloween

Halloween derives its name and rituals from the pagan 16th century Celtic Harvest Festival that was "Christianised" through a process called syncrotism into a popular convocation that was then prominent in Ireland.  It's name refers to All Hallows Evening and in its correct context was dedicated to remembering those that had died.

Whilst there are a number of other modern day festivals around the world that have also been put through this process of disguising and inclusion into Christian and pseudo-Christian religious congregations, the core of the festivals are never washed clean of their pagan spirits who revel in their new found Christian homes.  Putting it bluntly, a pagan festival can never be washed clean of its spiritual foundation and can never be "made" acceptable in any form to be celebrated in a Christian context.

In today's world, Halloween rites are orchestrated to be a children's festival consisting of "trick or treating" in disguises of witches, wizards and monsters from Hell, costume parties with the same theme, depicting grotesque heads in hollowed out pumpkins, bonfires, apple bobbing, spirit divination games and performing pranks.  It also includes visiting said haunted places, telling horror stories and/or watching horror movies. Observances also sanctioned by some convocations include lighting candles on the graves of the dead and meat and other dietary practises.  

So you ask the question, "What is the problem with letting our children have some fun?"

Well indeed! Let's not stop the fun if your definition of fun is desecrating the dead, dressing up as the worst kind of witches and monsters, communicating with evil spirits (Oh you thought that was just an innocent game!) telling stories of ghoulish savagery and other despicable acts on humans and animals.  I take it that you are all Okay with this?  

"What was that, you didn't think that anything was wrong with it.  Well Okay then go right ahead.  But don't think for one nano-puff of a millisecond that this is acceptable to God.  Let me assure you it definitely is not and you and your young family are in great jeopardy."

Let me again tell you bluntly.  If you knew the heart of God over this matter you would grovel in your own vomit for weeks to try and restore yourself and your family back under the protective cover of our Salvation Messiah.  Why are you so blind?  Where is your discernment?

If I were a martyr currently sitting at the altar of God as per Revelation 6:9, I would be  appealing to God for this gross misrepresentation that was being done by Christian families to Christians of great faith from the past.  Who on Earth could possibly think that these great men and women of God who were slain for the testimony of God and his Word would be nothing short of devastated to be made out to be celebrated through all of these dark and evil "fun" things - and, to top it off, we sacrifice the most innocent of our race to do it.  God please help our exploited children.

This is blasphemy at its very worst.  Shame on every household that professes God and who celebrates this evil festival. 

A Short Tale about an Old Bloke

There was this wealthy land owner who was the original pioneer who had worked very hard throughout his life to bring prosperity to his family and friends in new lands that he had developed.  In fact the whole community benefitted from the prosperity of the dynasty in its later years and it came to be well known throughout all of the land.  Before he died he decided to put great effort into teaching his family and those close to them how to be successful and overcome the adversities of the lands and what, how and when they needed to labour in the fields and the crops. 

And one of the things he said that we all could take a lesson from was, “I am going to tell you about things that happened in the past, and I am going to labour the points of the historical markers that I set up over the years. And then I am going to tell you what will happen in the future if you will follow my instructions, and also what will happen if you don’t.” 

He continued, “I am doing this for the very important reason that you will know that historically I am telling you the absolute truth about it all and that there is not one skerrick of untruth in this tale.”

He looked at each one directly in the eye and said, “If you do not believe what I said I did in the past, how then will you ever believe me when I tell you about the future?” 

And then he finished by saying, “You will only prosper if you believe in what I did back in the very early years which will open your eyes and ears so that you are able to believe also what I tell you will happen in the future.”

This is a truth that is as old as the hills themselves.  For as long as mankind has been walking on the planet this lesson has been both learned and discarded with each pathway being mutually exclusive to the travellers who journey upon them.  And I could ask the same question today as did this character from olden times did, and I might ponder the range of answers that I received back thinking about if they were only repeating what others before them had said.

What would you answer?  Would you think silly old codger, what would he know about these modern technosavvy times, you know, computers, smart phones and all of the good stuff that comes with them.  I bet he wouldn’t have a clue about these modern times. No! I don’t think he is qualified to make any comment on life in today’s fast lanes.

Now herein is a valuable lesson that I learned; for what it is worth.

              It is an indisputable fact that if you won’t believe the history then you “cannot”

  believe the future.

Here at Faithchasers we have learned this lesson very well.  Mind you it takes a minute to get your head around it all, but none-the-less we have endeavoured at every corner to think back and reflect on the history before moving forward into the future.  And it has worked extremely well indeed.

Have you fathomed the depths of the matter to which I am referring?  Well it’s pretty straight forward but it is also stonkeringly (do you like that word) profound. 

Let’s talk about God.  The story above is actually true, only that I have embellished it somewhat to emphasise one of life’s most basic lessons.  Call it Lesson 1.01 (that might catch on) and for those, as I said, who learn and practise this lesson the rewards in life will surpass everything that the world has in its full arsenal of weaponry to drag you down. 

It is a fact of life that most people in the world either do not believe the Hebrew/Christian Bible or at best cherry pick out bits and pieces that suit them and think that is all that they need to do.  It is my experience that when a person argues against or denies the authenticity of the Book of Genesis ie, calling it fables and old camp fire stories from the ancient past, they have a traceable fault seam that runs through their entire foundation upon which their faith in God is based.  And this is where the story above comes into play.

It is God himself who is saying to mankind that he has given us the record of creation and the early song lines from the period of the first modern Adamic man and he did so in a way that it firmly secures our mindset to a foundation that can support the full weight and height of the truth behind our world and all that is in it.  And please hear this.  If we are not secured firmly into the Genesis foundation (in every detail despite the nay sayers) we will never realise our full faith in Y’shua the Messiah and saviour to mankind to bestow upon us his holy spirit and receive us into salvation through the redemption of the righteous in his Lordship.  Does that mean we are denied eternal life?  Well that is a very deep question for discussion between the earnest of the faith but the short answer is; it might.

We could almost take it to the bank (there’s an interesting worldly saying) that those who deny Genesis have belief issues in other parts of the Bible, and this is particularly prevalent in all of the Nicolaitan churches of the world.  I am really concerned at the poor level of teaching that is being done in congregations generally and I don't have to wonder any more why the general societal view is in free fall about Jesus Christ and discipleship to a life surrendered to God. 

But the real cruncher (ouch!) is that there is almost a complete dearth of knowledge and belief in the Book of Revelation – and we cannot even get to discussing the deeper parts surrounding its understanding.  The principle reason is this: 

There was this wealthy land owner who was the original pioneer who had worked very hard throughout his life to bring prosperity to his family and friends in new lands that he had developed.  In fact the whole community benefitted from the prosperity of the dynasty in its later years and it came to be well known throughout all of the land.  Before he died he decided to put great effort into teaching his family and those close to them how to be successful and overcome the adversities of the lands and what, how and when they needed to labour in the fields and the crops. 

And one of the things he said that we all could take a lesson from was, “I am going to tell you about things that happened in the past, and I am going to labour the points of the historical markers that I set up over the years. And then I am going to tell you what will happen in the future if you will follow my instructions, and also what will happen if you don’t.” 

He continued, “I am doing this for the very important reason that you will know that historically I am telling you the absolute truth about it all and that there is not one skerrick of this tale that is not true.”

He looked at each one directly in the eye and said, “If you do not believe what I said I did historically, how then will you ever believe me when I tell you about the future?” 

And then he finished by saying, “You will only prosper if you believe in what I did in the past which will open your eyes and ears so that you are able to believe also what I tell you will happen in the future.”


The lesson is we will never be able to understand the future until we master the beginning.  This is a foundational principle established by God for learning by all of mankind.


Geoff Rooke

What in the World is Really Happening to us?

The response to our release of the re-edited treatise on the Book of Revelation is quite revealing of a general societal view that cannot see past the things of this world and what exists before their eyes. In the treatise we examined in quite some detail its meaning and the ramifications for the world as we developed the outworking of the Lord’s prophecy as it was given to John the apostle, on the island of Patmos where he was held under confinement by the then government of the day. 

Perhaps I can understand a mind that won’t have a bar of God, or for that matter anything that might even smack of religion, even though the two are starkly different, that it is a mind locked shut with the vital parts that facilitate comprehension blocked toward anything that even vaguely connects to either.  And this is exactly what we are seeing in response to some very clear facts that we raised in that article.

Despite anything that may point to danger signs in relation to the direction technology is taking mankind it seems to be a fatal attraction, or even a resigned fait accompli that “they” will do what they want to do no matter what.  But I was surprised to see the Hon. Federal Treasurer saying in parliament that everyone should just embrace all technologies and essentially go-with-the-flow.

I would have expected our federal politicians to be better that this – to at least have had a clue about the ramifications to society if we abandon so many of our skills and life’s lessons in favour of pressing buttons and invoking AI as if it were a real human giving advice.  I could ask the question, “Did no one understand what the beast of Revelation is actually doing to mankind?” Or was it another “See no evil and hear no evil because we mentioned that “G” word in the article.

Well heavens above! All that the Royal Priesthood of believers is trying to do is open your eyes so you can see what’s really going on.  There are forces at work in the world today that are just blatantly evil to the core and their job is to take down as many souls as they can before their time is called before the Judgment Throne of Almighty God himself.  And their chosen weapon at this point is technologies that compromise the human thinking process; that lay souls open to being vulnerable to persuasive ideologies and to kick against everything that is wholesome and good in our societies.

We are seeing very worrying trends in the dismantling of legislation that uphold God given standards of decency in favour of very narrow and twisted minds that are systematically picking off everything that is blessed by God for community and in doing so are driving the societal view down to accepting anything that is dished up to it.  I mean to say even the garbage truck doesn’t pick up everything from the gutter so why aren’t our governments and our responsible leaders in society standing up and addressing these failings.  Surely the CV to become the treasurer of this nation would have to spell out that the candidate is savvy to societal needs and is respecting of the God given decencies bestowed upon mankind. If not, what is he doing in a parliament that is undergirded by the necessities of the Australian Constitution framed at Federation to do only that which attracts the blessing of God.   

Where are the watchmen on the walls, and where are their fire towers to signal the approach of the enemy, and if you don’t understand this saying you need to know you are hugely at risk because you really are deaf and blind – and to boot, asleep.   


Wake up Australia – God is calling.


Are the End Times Upon Us Now?

Many would scoff at this, Christians included, and therein tells a story that reveals the ugliness of the deception that Satan is currently perpetrating on every human being on this planet by having them believe either there is no God in heaven, or this is a boring subject and the show on TV is much more interesting. 

We have just re-published a comprehensive study into the End Times from which details we have principally drawn from the New Testament Book of Revelation in the first instance and also the prophecies from the Old Testament, including Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel and others.  The discoveries we have made are truly staggering and the Lord was not kidding when he said there were great blessings to be had for those who would read and act upon the message that it delivers.

If you have a desire to understand the Book of Revelation and you wish to have in your hand the keys to unlocking the sequence of all of the chapters and their meanings this is a one-stop-book that will turbo charge your appetite for getting to the truth about why we are on this planet in this life, who our Lord and Saviour really is and finally who why and where the forces of Lucifer are.  

In answer to the question asked above, let me be unambiguously clear that the material we have presented, without question, has identified serious issues that are impacting our societies today and are the precursor that none of us really wanted to see start to happen.  To the elders of the church congregations and the Royal Priesthood of believers,  it wouldn't hurt you guys to pick this up and see how you and yours are faring.  This is so serious and yet so covered-over through lack of educating the congregations and lack of leadership teaching that it is genuinely a tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes.

The article is over 300 pages and includes verse by verse explanations with supporting charts and diagrams to clearly show the whole story of the Redemption Plan for mankind administered by our Lord and Saviour from the very beginning.  

The Revelation Study is in our Book Shelf section for reading on line or downloading.


A Modern Day Soothsayer on the Future of Planet Earth

We have covered this sort of material before and it seems it just gets re-hashed over and over again.  So what is this soothsayer of old predicting (prophesying) now?  Well we would probably run out of paper in the printer if we had to back-track all of the theories NASA and their disciples have espoused over the past sixty years concerning doomsday predictions of aliens attacking Earth, black holes eating up the solar system, asteroid strikes and a host of other manifestations in the universe that will trigger an extinction-level event (Quote from Deep Impact Movie).

This time we pick up on journalist Nick Whigham from under his headline (sic) “These events are not rare’: NASA exercise highlights existential threat of asteroid impacting Earth” - published on line 30th April 2019.

The article’s opening sentence: “It’s the doomsday scenario fit for a Hollywood Blockbuster and NASA scientists are about to see it go down.”  This is a report on the upcoming 2019 Planetary Defence Conference that will be running a simulation exercise as part of a recently announced federal “action plan” for defending our planet against asteroid impacts.  “More funding needed” says astronomer Alan Duffy while NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine warned that, “preparing for an asteroid impact is something that needs to be taken very seriously”, and went on the say, “This is ultimately about protecting the only planet we know, right now, to host life and that is planet Earth”.

I couldn’t help but notice Jim Bridenstine’s comment that planet Earth is the only place in the whole universe that (as far as NASA knows) hosts life.  And this is it!   This is the raw truth of the matter behind all of the modern prophesies about aliens and space ships.  There is only life on planet Earth – just as we here at Faithchasers have been continually saying, and anything to the contrary is science-fiction.  Perhaps we could even call them falsehoods and fantasies that have other underlying worldly agendas. Hmm. 

Christian believers know that God purpose built the universe and specifically formed planet Earth within its own Sun solar system for the very specific purpose to put mankind on its surface to burnish and refine him so that he may be redeemed to everlasting life in heaven.  But there is a catch.  Natural man is just that; a body of flesh and a directionless soul who together cannot pass from terrestrial earthy life to the heavens.  The flesh will die and will carry with it into oblivion the hapless soul – this is the truth for the world today and millions will perish because they either do not believe in God, or refuse the Salvation freely given by his only begotten son, Jesus our Lord God and Saviour.    

Christian believers also know that when they reached out to God and believed by faith that Jesus would give them life, they received from him a new spirit that enlivened their soul and taught them how to follow in his steps.  Those steps are made of rock and upon that rock will all believers rise up in the end of days and be united with God in a paradise within the heavens. 

Now the point of this article is that we can agree that asteroids have probably collided into all planets in our solar system, including Earth, and hence it is not an infrequent occurrence.  Most recent cases involving our planet have occurred in the northern hemisphere and have impacted our atmosphere causing deaths in communities that were in near proximity to the explosive release of the asteroid’s energy.  We can understand that the governments of the world might seek a common platform toward researching these wayward celestial chunks of ice and rubbish to better understand their trajectory and risk factor of colliding within our solar system.   

However, it is a step too far to suggest there is an extinction-level asteroid headed for planet Earth and we should therefore prepare for it; when in fact there is no existing information and there is no known threat to planet Earth at all.  This is the philosophy of insurance companies and protection schemes that tell us we need to pay high annual fees to protect ourselves against every conceivable thing that might go wrong in our lives. And besides, obviously, an extinction-level event has only one meaning and money would not help one iota in that case.

But the real tragedy of all this is hidden.  It is fear-factor 101 that these articles intend to ignite with a consequence of destabilising general society.  These types of reports and particularly this subject matter dealing with interplanetary threats, whether perceived or fantasied, erode the trust that most people have in the God of the world.  General Society may not have it right per se’ that God our Father and his only begotten son Jesus hold out a hand to help us step up to believing and get us going in our walk in the Kingdom of God.  But none-the-less the general society has an awareness of God and I would suggest they “keep” God in reserve  as a “just-in-case” insurance policy if they find themselves in a dire situation ie, OMG!  

A cunning article can do a lot of damage to public perceptions and their inherent fears and all Faithchasers should be aware of the impact that these have on the general society to whom we must reach out to bring to God. We must counter the assertion that an extinction-level impact is inevitable.  Not so!  God created the world and he did so to achieve a very specific outcome.  No-thing, no matter what it is, will take the control of this planet away from God.  We should have no fear and be single minded about our trust in Him. 

Should we be looking up to the heavens?  Yes we should!  But not to watch the manifestations of the earthly machines mankind insists on blasting up into the cosmos; we should instead be looking up to God who put the cosmos there in the first place.

The Earth will exist for as long as God pleases and over the course of the thousands of years yet to come it will not be removed off its foundations.  There are millions of souls yet to be saved and there are billions who have unbelief issues with what is in the Bible.  Hence we will never be destitute of opportunity to reach out to someone around us.



Geoff Rooke    

Christian Churches Brought to Heel

There would be few caring people in the world who would not have been shocked at the revelations of child abuse by priests and ministers from our churches today and the covering up of these crimes through a hierarchical system that either turned a blind eye to the accusations or were complicit in actions designed to relocate offending staff to be out of sight.

We have spent several months examining the root cause to this catastrophe and have found a common thread that we have referred to as "code written into the DNA" of church convocations that have been drawn into this criminal matter.

This article is powerful in its determination to shine the Word of God onto these actions which raise difficult questions that nearly every Christian in today's world should ask themselves where they stand on these issues in relation to their Salvation.

Please go to the Book Shelf page on this site and download the article or click the link below:

A Message to All Christian Believers of this Third Millennium





Eden and the Garden that the Lord God Planted

We have concerned ourselves with presenting what we believe to be the truth of the matter in relation to Eden and the Garden in which God placed Adam and Eve, and you will recall that we took down a previous article that we thought did not fully present the truth of this matter.  We have now posted a new article entitled "Eden and the Garden that the Lord God Planted" in the Bookshelf and trust you will enjoy the read.





Explanatory Note About the Second Revision of the article "The Garden in Eden"

Philological decipherment is not a discipline that one goes about while having a Maccas and a glass of bubbly down at the local golden arches store.  And particularly in many cases where song line interpretation conflicts with any consensus rule of hermeneutics it takes many hours of studious examination to fully grasp the intent of song line recitals that often have their roots thousands of years in antiquity.

Why I say this is because the Book of Genesis is a very typical case where everybody who is anybody wants a bit of the spot light action.  Scholars have a view, Science and its various disciplines have views as do bible commentators as do just about anyone who can read and express themselves.

But, and let me emphasise that objection, we can ask the question, “What is the real truth that the Lord God is endeavouring to have us pay attention to without going off-message into some fanciful jibber-jabba that just sounds good?”.

Now that is a rough and ugly way of saying that the deciphering of the Genesis script recitals (according to Moses’ recordings) is sometimes very tough and arduous and is fraught with twists and turns that can completely change the meaning in the space of one verse – or even one word.

We at Faithchasers are not perfect but we try very hard to intercept the holy spirit of understanding about tough passages where the general societal view disbelieves its authenticity, and hence we endeavour to put a case into an open format for the benefit of believers (and nonbelievers) all over the world. Such is this case of the Garden in Eden.

Genesis Chapter Two verses seven to fifteen (Gen 2:7-15) has been opined over by hundreds, if not thousands, of people since Adam and Eve were expelled from it, and whether from Sunday School teaching or academic commentary or even scientific research papers generally most people have formed some opinion about it ranging from “it’s a great fictional story” to “Eden being a real place where the first modern man entered the world”.

This is the sand pit we are playing in right now, and because of some intrinsically difficult dimensional issues between our world and the multiple heavens mentioned in the Bible, we have been perhaps too anxious to put something onto the website.  

A very good test for assessing if we have the truth at hand, is that the truth, ie the understanding of events and their cause and effect relationship in the world, must fit like a tailored glove over the facts as they are presented.  

So we have come across some threads in the glove that don’t fit very well and we are reassessing where we are at with our understanding of this matter.  We will be seeking our Lord’s guidance on this and will put up the revised article when we are happy that we have got it right.

Geoff Rooke


May God Give You the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation

It is most relevant that we encourage one another in our walk of Salvation, and this correspondence from Paul to the church in Ephesus is pertinent to all Christian believers – but moreso for those who are walking in their Salvation as one congregation unto Jesus Christ our Lord being our High Priest over the Royal Priesthood of all believers in the world.


I cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers; 

That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him: 

The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints, 

And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power, 

Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places, 

Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come: 

And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church, 

Which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all.

Ephesians 1:17-23
Paul’s letter to the Ephesians written by Tychicus from Rome

The Royal Priesthood of all Believers

Good Christian men and women of the World.  Our Lord Jesus Christ has brought us into ministry for the Kingdom of God and made us all priests in the Royal Priesthood of the Order of King Melchizedec1.  Stand up and become that which the Lord has appointed you to be – we are the priesthood to our High Priest, the Lord of Salvation, Jesus Christ2, unto God our Father.   

There be no man that can appoint themselves between the Royal Priesthood of believers and their High Priest in heaven who sits at the right hand of God's throne4.

There are no divisions in our priesthood for we are all the same believing by faith that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was raised from the dead on the third day5; seen by many6 after he was glorified and swept up to be in heaven with our Father God.  There is no legitimate God ordained church separated unto Paul or to John, Mark, Andrew, Timothy, Luke, Chloe, Sosthenes, Apollos, Peter, Matthew or any other disciple of our Lord8.  These are all the works of cunning man, dividers of the Lord's congregation to plunder souls away from their due reward. 

The only true church in this world under God our Father in heaven is the Royal Priesthood of all believers after the order of Melchizedek, King of Salem9 of whom our Lord Jesus Christ is a priest forever7 - our High Priest. Do not be tricked by the cunning of man seeking his own power and glory3. You have a strong advocate in our Lord who is one with God our Father and who paid the price for our sins.  Walk in the Kingdom of God through your life with the power of your salvation seeking to reflect the Lord in everything you do. 

No man has the power or right before God to step in between you and your high priest.  Jesus Christ, high priest to all believers and the author of our salvation from the beginning of time10. It is only through Jesus our Lord that we will be redeemed to heaven - there is no other authority in heaven or in the earth that can change this truth.

To God be the glory for all the things he has done.

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