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The Rapture of the Church - fact or skilful fantasy?

The Rapture of the Church – fact or skilful fantasy

So let’s get right down to where this all kicked off from.  If you are thinking that the very popular and almost universally preached Rapture of the church is going to happen before any bad stuff happens on the planet when all Christian believers will just float off into the air to be with the Lord - you are in serious jeopardy.  Many will recall the airy-fairy teaching on this by the charismatic domains – as it still is; the airline pilot will just disappear out of the jet he is flying, as will the taxi driver from his automobile and all that will be left will be a pair of shoes. The lift operator – if there would be any left in that day, and shoppers in the supermarket, office workers, trades people, farmers, policemen, doctors and the list is very extensive; will all just float off in one instant when the Lord comes back. Yes, we all remember this.  Of course we do!  Well I am the bearer of unwelcome news to you.  That rapture is a complete falsehood perpetrated by false teachers to destroy the loyal and earnest believers in Jesus Christ the risen son of God.  It is a devious swipe at believing Christians to give them false comfort about the Times of Sorrows and the Tribulation to come.

In terms of the world’s history, this rapture is a very modern theory and unsupported in scripture, and although you might be grabbing your bible to throw at me, every End Time scripture passage from both the Hebrew and the Greek Testaments including the Book of Revelation does not give any credence to this event occurring.  But because it is “comfort food” to the extreme it has been gulped down and digested into what the broad world thinks is God’s truth.

This common raising of all church going souls is categorically wrong in principle, it is contrary to what our Lord Jesus Christ has gone to great pains to teach us and it survives only on its own hype because there is not one scripture passage in the whole bible that describes such an event; and further more in the Book of Revelation there is no time slot where it could even happen.  No! I feel very sorry for the ones who are being deceived about this “feel good” false teaching because it is a carefully crafted lie that in its time will cast our Lord Jesus Christ as being evil; and when it does not happen as the liars said it would, Satan will appease these confused souls into thinking “he” is the truth, the light and the saviour to mankind.  Make no mistake about this – the majority of the world’s Christian congregants are now in serious jeopardy of their salvation because of it.

Now pay attention! How you are feeling right now is a gauge for you to understand just how deeply ingrained that evil teaching might be entrenched in your heart. Ask Jesus our Lord for yourself and have him give you guidance and teaching – because your life might depend on it.  And please let me add, that the true prophets of the Word of God as we read in the holy scriptures have said that as the End Times draw near there will be many false prophets and lying spirits that will convince the weak, the blind, the deaf and the dumb that this rapture event, and many other things, is the truth and will further convince them that those (who really know the truth from the Lord himself) will be deemed evil and in error and not of God. 

This is why we all need to take quite a deep dive into the events of the Lord Jesus’ return and let the scriptures, ie The Word of God, tell us the truth.  Then we all will be able to make an informed decision to “go with God” or follow the false prophets and lying preachers that are playing a musical flute right now through all of the streets of our terrestrial world gathering up literal hordes and leading them into perdition. 

The End Times are not some new thing that is a product of the New Testament.  There are many references to the End Times and the return of the Lord throughout the Hebrew Testament and in fact it is surprising that there is so much spoken of about the Lord’s return and the time of the end.  Interesting also is that many of the Greek Testament references, including quotes of what the Lord said, were in fact quotes from the Hebrew passages. 

In total the number of relevant passages from the Testaments are significant and when aligned together they put perspective around John’s account of his visions in the Book of Revelation.  Many will be very familiar with the difficulty of putting the events of Revelation into an understandable sequence of events and unwinding the prophetic and symbolic/metaphoric meanings; and this is the cause of many false teachings where some will just not wait on the lord to teach them; even not believing that teaching and understanding is supposed to be given through the indwelling Holy Spirit. 

The Revelation prophecy is not just a list of events that God is forewarning us that will occur. There are some very genuine messages to Christians on a personal level from God calling out individuals whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life to be holy.  It is the key to unwinding the messages to the seven churches and the pathway to understanding what sainthood really means.  The rest of the prophecy is a treasure trove of matters that explains what makes this world tick and is preparatory for saints to be aware of what is coming their way and to understand the reasons for it.  

My recommendation to Faithchasers is spend the time and study this book with the Spirit of the Lord guiding your thoughts.  It truly is life saving and life changing for those who hear the Lord's call.







The world is changing - not for the better!

If you have been otherwise occupied you might have missed the phenomenon of the uptake on social media by a plethora of people suddenly posting videos and podcasts expounding their knowledge of the End Times; and well done to them who are genuinely seeking the Lord to know the times and the signs of his imminent return with his saints and the holy angels.

But all is not so well as we would want it to be and the resulting ambiguities by many who are supposed to be bringing the Word of God to the world are in fact causing a great confusion to the congregation of the world: and let’s not beat around the bush here as there are seriously powerful dominions at play endeavouring to undermine the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and to spoil the righteous fruit of the world’s Christians.

There are a great number of fractures in the foundation beliefs of many church organisations, their ministers and priests and also their wayward congregants. These “fractures” are the work of the false prophets, opportunist preachers and lying spirits who exercise the devil’s powers to rob congregations of great sums of money through grand stage-shows that attract the young and vulnerable and teach a social gospel that we could label as situational ethics which opens the door to the philosophy of anything goes if it can be dressed to sound like it’s from God; when actually it is from another god.

All foundational fractures are evidenced through fissures that extend right through church organisations and outwork at the top where multitudes are deceived daily. Along these lines we can cite many pagan practises that are mixing falsehood with the real church through syncretism, and others that refuse to acknowledge that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead as they celebrate the power of their pagan god Sol Invictus for conquering our Lord and putting him to death (and now emblazon him on poles hanging as he might have appeared at his crucifixion).  We can cite homosexuality across the board as contributing to the skewing of the God’s truth and in particular we cannot look passed the in-your-face blasphemy of those church priests and ministers who are flagrantly waving the rainbow flag in the mainstream churches – not to mention the inexcusable covering up of child abuses that are unspeakable.  We can further cite women being “ordained” by the worldly organisations to preach in churches even though God has said “don’t do it”, and as we look across the whole landscape of mankind seeking God it seems that there is everything wrong in the world’s churches leaving little that is holy and right and this has some very serious knock-on effects to up-and-coming young souls who need to hear the truth of God’s redemption plan not the desires of the flesh of unbelievers. 

We should no longer wonder why the spiritual gifts from God to the churches are now pretty well non-existent when there are so very few congregations who are stepping up as disciples of Jesus Christ to the world and who are free from Nicolaitan priests and ministers and the consumption of the entrails of pagan gods and idols of old that have bloated their bodies well beyond being spiritually functional. 

It is my belief that God will not bless the continuing blasphemy against Him where unholy activities are being continuously undertaken. There is a very deep message here and I can only encourage each individual to pick up the Bible and start seeking the Lord Jesus Christ on a personal level to directly give you understanding about the evil that is being perpetrated on congregations.  And don’t be dissuaded by others saying that you need a priest or a minister to tell you what it all means – this is the voice of an evil spirit whose job in life is the proliferation of the Nicolaitan doctrine. 

The crisis that is becoming apparent in this day is that there are so many false prophets and preachers about today that it is very hard to identify who truly belongs to the Lord.  I corresponded with a fellow overseas concerning an inconsistency with his preaching about the End Times and all I received back was a note saying that he gets dozens of people daily telling him he is right or wrong so he ignores everyone and goes his own way – in error. I have been appalled at how many YouTube “prophets” and “preachers” in their magnificent edifices just follow on where the latest trend appears to be.  It is apparent that instead of waiting on the Lord to teach them they copy others who preach an errant socially acceptable gospel and just churn it out.

To every earnest soul looking for Jesus Christ in their life I can strongly recommend you read the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation and with prayer you will come to understand the holy message that Jesus is sending to his saints.  If you then continue to ask the Lord for further understanding of the rest of the Revelation, your life as you know it will change for ever.

So go it Faithchasers.  We are called to be saints and to be holy and to lift up Jesus in this world of sin.



Are Spiritual Gifts still Bestowed Upon Disciples

Are the Spiritual Gifts still Bestowed Upon Disciples?

This is a question that has been thought about by many Christians over a long period of time; is God still bestowing his gifts of the Spirit upon disciples who are working in the Kingdom of God?

The answer is pretty simple and is a three-letter word. “Yes!”

“So does this mean we no longer have to read what follows?”

“No it doesn’t mean you can stop reading because there is a very important lesson for us all to be discussed and that is, why does it “appear” that the gifts are no longer given?”

We have addressed this question in an article now in our Book Shelf Page.  

Please use the link to retrieve and/or download.

Are the Spiritual Gifts still Bestowed Upon Disciples?

Are Believers Commanded to Celebrate Passover on Nissan 15 Forever

It is so easy to under-read Passover in the Book of Exodus as a punishment on Pharaoh and all of his first born children plus his cattle for having put the Children of Israel into a slavery of hard rigour for hundreds of years, and secondly for refusing to let them leave Egypt to worship God in His mountain.  And pretty well that is cut and dried you might say.  God dealt Pharaoh and Egypt in general a pretty hard blow, they caved in and the Children of Israel went and worshipped their God in His mountain.  Besides which, that is Old Testament stuff and has all been done away with thanks to "our" salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.  

You see, by so describing the Passover judgment on Egypt and the subsequent exodus of Israel in the above manner , I have totally under-read and missed the very points that our Lord God had gone to pains to keep before our eyes - and yes even for us today in this modern world.

The whole account of Passover and the exodus is pure prophecy for an event that would occur some one thousand three hundred and one years into the future from that time, and in turn that event would be prophetic for another event to occur a further two and a half thousand years (according to Jewish wisdom) or so on from then again

The Passover and release of the Children of Israel is so important for all Christians because it graphically ties together the arduous life of Israel  as a fledgling nation under stress , their trust in a messiah and the mighty hand of God to lift them out of that world of slavery into a world where the Lord God became their "Immanuel" and resided with them in the wilderness initially and then in the Promised Land.

If that sounds familiar then it is because it speaks specifically of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour when he, the first born, took on the sin for all mankind and offered himself a sacrifice for the atonement of mankind's sin, but also released mankind to go and worship God in his mountain - and fifty days after his ascension to heaven God in Spirit came to dwell with mankind.

Now if that sounds familiar then it is because it speaks specifically of Jesus the Messiah returning to mankind to deliver all believers from the arduous world of sin and release them to worship God in his holy mountain - The New Jerusalem.

It gives me great pleasure to see this classic example of an event that is a trilogy on all planes of existence where God reaches down to his creation and lifts them up to his holy mountain.  If I may paraphrase scripture, God has said that if you do not believe what occurred in the past times, meaning the period of the Children of Israel being in slavery and how they were rescued out of that horrible world in which they had become trapped, then you "cannot" truly believe what will happen in the future.

The date of Passover and the exodus from Egypt occurred on Nissan 15 in the year 2448 of the Hebrew Calendar.  Jesus' ministry here on earth in the flesh abruptly ceased on Nissan 15 in 3789 of the Hebrew calendar.  And we can fully expect (ie take it to the bank - so to speak) that come time for all believers to be released from the bonds of this sinful world - it too will occur on Nissan 15.  But being prophetic, the exact year is only a discussion point.

This is why we see God saying to the Children of Israel (Note: they are in time and place believers back in that era) "You shall observe this day for ever" (Paraphrased by Ed.) That message is prophetic for us today - and for us tomorrow.

Exodus 12:14

And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to the Lord throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever.

So next time you are drawn into a discussion about the Old Testament and Passover in particular you might like to shine the light of God into that discussion.  If we choose to ignore the trials and tribulations of how God dealt with the early believers (Yes - the Hebrew peoples) then our belief is pretty shaky because it has no foundations.  And that you can take to the bank.






The Evil Trespass of Syncretism

Syncretism is the process of replacing Christian festivals and holy days with similar looking and sounding pagan festivals from ancient times where the heathen gods of old are resurrected but their names changed to still look to be Christian. It is now almost a worldwide phenomenon that this has occurred across the Christian landscape and millions of worshippers do not know who or what they are really worshipping when they go to church.

This catastrophe needs to be exposed and the believing members of Christian congregations made aware that they need to make urgent changes – either in how they worship or where they worship.  In putting pagan gods before the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob there is no middle ground; there is only the light of God or the blackness of evil.

In our Bookshelf Section we have addressed this ingress of paganism into our Christian churches though an article entitled, “Christendom is Suffering from a bad Case of Syncretism” where we identify exactly where this is occurring in almost every Christian congregation in the world. 

I believe it is time this paganism on a grand scale must be not only stopped but eradicated in a way that it will not return to destroy the eternal hopes of millions of souls.  Collectively, Christians on the ground will need to be single minded about not serving pagan gods before their God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and to do so push back against the Nicolaitan priesthoods that have allowed it to flourish under the false guise that  it is okay.

The article is no baby milk formula to swallow. To digest what God has to say about this will take a solid backbone and intestinal fortitude to go with the God of our Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation he wrought, bought and brought so that mankind could wrench free of the sinful state he was in. 

I can only encourage you to at least read the article, and implore you to make decisions about what actions you need to take that will release you from the grasp of this paganism that our Lord and God so hates.

We at Faithchasers believe this possibly is the biggest threat to Christendom since the 1st century after our Lord was crucified and ascended to heaven, so please help all earnest believers worldwide and distribute this to your Elders Group and those that have the responsibility for teaching your congregation.



View or Download the article from this link or go directly to the Bookshelf Section of the Website.  

  Christendom is Suffering from a bad Case of Syncretism


Well It Is This Time Of The Year Again - What Are You Going To Do This Year?

As the title states, it is this time of the year again and a great multitude of Christians around the world need to again address what they are going to do come April. And I am not so even sure that most Christians are aware that they have to do anything and just go on as usual while great spiritual battles rage over their heads; and this happens every year at this time.  

Let me ask a straight question.  What deity you think you are worshipping when you go to church - this year on April 10th and probably again on Sunday 12th.  This is not a rhetorical question, it is one that demands an answer. It is one that needs to be seriously addressed by every Christian, by every Christian Church and by the Theological training fraternity in the universities that are pumping out robo-priests, pastors and ministers that are truly ignorant of the immense issue over what god you are worshipping when you roll up to celebrate Easter. 

Why aren't the elders of the congregations examining the difference between the Passover dates (this year it starts on April 8th) and Easter and then researching why this occurs every year.  Surely someone must think about our Lord and Saviour, Immanuel, whom we call Jesus Christ in the English speaking counties, who was "the" Passover Lamb and the perfect and unblemished sacrifice for the atonement of the sin of mankind.  Do you think that we should be looking at God's Only Begotten Son - who incidentally is now the High Priest over "All" believers in the world and who now sits at the right hand of God his father in heaven.  Shouldn't we be saying, "Hang on! He was Jewish and was crucified on the days of Passover. What is this Easter thing doing that has made up a completely different date?"   

Well, let me implore you to at least take one tiny step to honouring our Lord and Saviour and read one article about who the "god "of this Easter festival really is.  Please take the time to at least understand that there are spiritual life and death ramifications at the source of this issue and every Christian needs to make themselves aware of the lies and deceit that have been perpetrated on our societies the world over.  The god of Easter is not The God of Passover.  So who are you really worshipping when you celebrate Easter with your family? There is a deep truth here to be realised. 

Faithchasers have provided quite a detailed article on Passover and Easter that lays bare the atrocities about the wolf in sheep's clothing that have been buried since our Lord's crucifixion.  The link provides access to two articles, or you can access them through the Book Shelf section of this website.  Please do yourself a favour and follow this through.

[A Deeply Concerning Look at Christian Festivals and Holy Days]


[Heathen Festivals and Christian Celebrations]


Geoff Rooke  



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It is Definitely NOT Okay to Send Your Precious Children to Halloween

Halloween derives its name and rituals from the pagan 16th century Celtic Harvest Festival that was "Christianised" through a process called syncrotism into a popular convocation that was then prominent in Ireland.  It's name refers to All Hallows Evening and in its correct context was dedicated to remembering those that had died.

Whilst there are a number of other modern day festivals around the world that have also been put through this process of disguising and inclusion into Christian and pseudo-Christian religious congregations, the core of the festivals are never washed clean of their pagan spirits who revel in their new found Christian homes.  Putting it bluntly, a pagan festival can never be washed clean of its spiritual foundation and can never be "made" acceptable in any form to be celebrated in a Christian context.

In today's world, Halloween rites are orchestrated to be a children's festival consisting of "trick or treating" in disguises of witches, wizards and monsters from Hell, costume parties with the same theme, depicting grotesque heads in hollowed out pumpkins, bonfires, apple bobbing, spirit divination games and performing pranks.  It also includes visiting said haunted places, telling horror stories and/or watching horror movies. Observances also sanctioned by some convocations include lighting candles on the graves of the dead and meat and other dietary practises.  

So you ask the question, "What is the problem with letting our children have some fun?"

Well indeed! Let's not stop the fun if your definition of fun is desecrating the dead, dressing up as the worst kind of witches and monsters, communicating with evil spirits (Oh you thought that was just an innocent game!) telling stories of ghoulish savagery and other despicable acts on humans and animals.  I take it that you are all Okay with this?  

"What was that, you didn't think that anything was wrong with it.  Well Okay then go right ahead.  But don't think for one nano-puff of a millisecond that this is acceptable to God.  Let me assure you it definitely is not and you and your young family are in great jeopardy."

Let me again tell you bluntly.  If you knew the heart of God over this matter you would grovel for weeks to try and restore yourself and your family back under the protective cover of our Salvation Messiah.  Why are you so blind?  Where is your discernment?

If I were a martyr currently sitting at the altar of God as per Revelation 6:9, I would be  appealing to God for this gross misrepresentation that was being done by Christian families to Christians of great faith from the past.  Who on Earth could possibly think that these great men and women of God who were slain for the testimony of God and his Word would be nothing short of devastated to be made out to be celebrated through all of these dark and evil "fun" things - and, to top it off, we sacrifice the most innocent of our race to do it.  God please help our exploited children.

This is blasphemy at its very worst.  Shame on every household that professes God and who celebrates this evil festival. 

A Short Tale about an Old Bloke

There was this wealthy land owner who was the original pioneer who had worked very hard throughout his life to bring prosperity to his family and friends in new lands that he had developed.  In fact the whole community benefitted from the prosperity of the dynasty in its later years and it came to be well known throughout all of the land.  Before he died he decided to put great effort into teaching his family and those close to them how to be successful and overcome the adversities of the lands and what, how and when they needed to labour in the fields and the crops. 

And one of the things he said that we all could take a lesson from was, “I am going to tell you about things that happened in the past, and I am going to labour the points of the historical markers that I set up over the years. And then I am going to tell you what will happen in the future if you will follow my instructions, and also what will happen if you don’t.” 

He continued, “I am doing this for the very important reason that you will know that historically I am telling you the absolute truth about it all and that there is not one skerrick of untruth in this tale.”

He looked at each one directly in the eye and said, “If you do not believe what I said I did in the past, how then will you ever believe me when I tell you about the future?” 

And then he finished by saying, “You will only prosper if you believe in what I did back in the very early years which will open your eyes and ears so that you are able to believe also what I tell you will happen in the future.”

This is a truth that is as old as the hills themselves.  For as long as mankind has been walking on the planet this lesson has been both learned and discarded with each pathway being mutually exclusive to the travellers who journey upon them.  And I could ask the same question today as did this character from olden times did, and I might ponder the range of answers that I received back thinking about if they were only repeating what others before them had said.

What would you answer?  Would you think silly old codger, what would he know about these modern technosavvy times, you know, computers, smart phones and all of the good stuff that comes with them.  I bet he wouldn’t have a clue about these modern times. No! I don’t think he is qualified to make any comment on life in today’s fast lanes.

Now herein is a valuable lesson that I learned; for what it is worth.

              It is an indisputable fact that if you won’t believe the history then you “cannot”

  believe the future.

Here at Faithchasers we have learned this lesson very well.  Mind you it takes a minute to get your head around it all, but none-the-less we have endeavoured at every corner to think back and reflect on the history before moving forward into the future.  And it has worked extremely well indeed.

Have you fathomed the depths of the matter to which I am referring?  Well it’s pretty straight forward but it is also stonkeringly (do you like that word) profound. 

Let’s talk about God.  The story above is actually true, only that I have embellished it somewhat to emphasise one of life’s most basic lessons.  Call it Lesson 1.01 (that might catch on) and for those, as I said, who learn and practise this lesson the rewards in life will surpass everything that the world has in its full arsenal of weaponry to drag you down. 

It is a fact of life that most people in the world either do not believe the Hebrew/Christian Bible or at best cherry pick out bits and pieces that suit them and think that is all that they need to do.  It is my experience that when a person argues against or denies the authenticity of the Book of Genesis ie, calling it fables and old camp fire stories from the ancient past, they have a traceable fault seam that runs through their entire foundation upon which their faith in God is based.  And this is where the story above comes into play.

It is God himself who is saying to mankind that he has given us the record of creation and the early song lines from the period of the first modern Adamic man and he did so in a way that it firmly secures our mindset to a foundation that can support the full weight and height of the truth behind our world and all that is in it.  And please hear this.  If we are not secured firmly into the Genesis foundation (in every detail despite the nay sayers) we will never realise our full faith in Y’shua the Messiah and saviour to mankind to bestow upon us his holy spirit and receive us into salvation through the redemption of the righteous in his Lordship.  Does that mean we are denied eternal life?  Well that is a very deep question for discussion between the earnest of the faith but the short answer is; it might.

We could almost take it to the bank (there’s an interesting worldly saying) that those who deny Genesis have belief issues in other parts of the Bible, and this is particularly prevalent in all of the Nicolaitan churches of the world.  I am really concerned at the poor level of teaching that is being done in congregations generally and I don't have to wonder any more why the general societal view is in free fall about Jesus Christ and discipleship to a life surrendered to God. 

But the real cruncher (ouch!) is that there is almost a complete dearth of knowledge and belief in the Book of Revelation – and we cannot even get to discussing the deeper parts surrounding its understanding.  The principle reason is this: 

There was this wealthy land owner who was the original pioneer who had worked very hard throughout his life to bring prosperity to his family and friends in new lands that he had developed.  In fact the whole community benefitted from the prosperity of the dynasty in its later years and it came to be well known throughout all of the land.  Before he died he decided to put great effort into teaching his family and those close to them how to be successful and overcome the adversities of the lands and what, how and when they needed to labour in the fields and the crops. 

And one of the things he said that we all could take a lesson from was, “I am going to tell you about things that happened in the past, and I am going to labour the points of the historical markers that I set up over the years. And then I am going to tell you what will happen in the future if you will follow my instructions, and also what will happen if you don’t.” 

He continued, “I am doing this for the very important reason that you will know that historically I am telling you the absolute truth about it all and that there is not one skerrick of this tale that is not true.”

He looked at each one directly in the eye and said, “If you do not believe what I said I did historically, how then will you ever believe me when I tell you about the future?” 

And then he finished by saying, “You will only prosper if you believe in what I did in the past which will open your eyes and ears so that you are able to believe also what I tell you will happen in the future.”


The lesson is we will never be able to understand the future until we master the beginning.  This is a foundational principle established by God for learning by all of mankind.


Geoff Rooke

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