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A Christian's Calling in the End Times        (MS)        ***NEW***


Fractured Foundations                (MS)     ***RECENT***


From 2020 to Life Eternal           (MS)           


Are Spiritual Gifts Still Being Bestowed Upon Disciples   (A)    


What Do You Believe                                  (MS)     


  Be Holy                                                      (MS)     


 Lets Talk About the Lord's Name            (MS)    


  Christendom is Suffering From a Bad Case of Syncretism (MW)


A Message to All Christian Believers of this Third Millennium   (MW)


  Adam and Eve's Contribution to the World                  (MS) 


 Are Aliens Really Going to Attack Earth?      (A)                   


The Archived Passages                                        (MS)


Adam was not a Hermaphrodite!                         (A)


 Alien Spacecraft at Work? - Definitely Not!        (A)


 The Christian Church's Challenge to Address Homosexuality   (A)


 The Continuing Hunt For (Non-Existent) Aliens         (A)


 Why Christians Should Cut Charles Darwin a Bit of Slack        (A)


 A Deeply Concerning Look At Christian Festivals and Holy Days     (A)


 Does the Apostle Peter Guard the Pearly Gates of Heaven?       (MS)


 The Etymology of the Hebrew Language          (A)


 Foreign Citizenship is Not an Exclusive Test Solely for Parliamentarians   (A) 


 Eden and the Garden that the Lord God Planted     (MS)


 Heathen Festivals and Christian Celebrations       (A)


 The Futility of Mankind to Determine His Own Eternal Destiny    (A)


 How Come You Lost Faith in the Bible     (MS)


 Is Luke 20:35 a Case For Celibacy?             (A)


 It Is Called Morality                                      (A)


 Is Your Light Bulb Working?                        (A)


 And Man Became a Living Soul                    (A)


 The Meaning of "Day" in Genesis Chapter One   (MS)


 Noah's Flood                                (A)


 The Postal Plebiscite Debate: Has Society Over-Ruled God's Will   (A)


 Re-Visiting Genesis                      (A)


 The Priesthood Covenant of Judah is Mankind's Only Hope      (A)


 The Redemption Plan                  (MW)


 The Story of Creation Re-Visited Through Ancient Song Lines (MW) 


 The Seed of Eve                            (A)


 Satan is Not a Snake                     (A)


 The Significance of Adam on the Hebrew Language  (A)


 The Tipping Point - Australia In the Balance Over Same Gender Relationships


 Who is Mitochondrial Eve?     (MS)


 Who Are The Most Ancient People on Earth?  (A)


 Why Our Governments Think Aliens Are Real  (A)


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