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Blog posts October 2016

Honestly, Do You Really Think We Are Living in a Matrix?


Have we all seen the Matrix trilogy? 

Did we grasp any deep analogy of this same principle applying to the real world?

Science fiction in the world today has taken a larger-than-life position within the general societal view whom think that life on other planets and aliens are not only poss…

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Did Y'shua (Jesus) really have siblings?

If we look at Matthew 13:55-56 we find that Matthew recorded that James, Joses, Simon, Juda and un-named sisters were children from Miriam (Mary) but this does not make them siblings per se'.

Given that Miriam was the last of the maidens that had the pure blood line of the Seed of Eve it was inevit…

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Our Myth List is Growing

With three more major articles added to the Library we are on our way.  Now up to a Myth List containing 25 serious "porkies" that are not only impacting society in general, but are also eroding some long standing faith links that Christians have toward the Word of God.  

Our aim?  We're going t…

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We Examine the Age of Modern Indigenous Tribes from a Christian Perspective

As DNA sequencing becomes another tool for looking back on ancient tribal ancestral roots we identified a cataclysmic event that would skew results back beyond 3,000 BC.  We have prepared an article that takes a Christian perspective and highlight how Science has come to miss an important period whe…

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And What Do We Think About Extraterrestrial Aliens

The only attack from aliens that we are ever going to have on this planet is from those humans who have used the media to propagate this huge myth saying that aliens exist in the cosmos.  We can trace the history of this science fiction back to the first millennium BC and can observe how the general…

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