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Foreign Citizenship is Not An Exclusion Test Solely for Parliamentarians

We here in Australia are now faced with several of our federal parliamentarians being judged ineligible to serve as representative members of Parliament because of their non-compliance with the foreign citizenship test for holding such positions within Federal Parliament.  We can note that the great…

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Is the Voluntary Postal Plebiscite a Call for all Christians to be Numbered?

Australians, as a general rule, are reasonably easy going and politically don’t engage in over-reactions as the various political parties vie for leadership in the country’s State and Federal Parliaments.  But every now and again there comes a time when extraordinary events occur that challenge our …

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The Australian Constitution : Can We Rely On the Government to Uphold It?

I wish to indulge your interest in the people’s right to be able to “humbly rely on the blessing of Almighty God” as afforded to us all at Federation by the Constitution of the Federated States of Australia.  In support of this comment I refer you to the preamble of our Constitution - which reads: …

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