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Thoughts About Changing the Marriage Laws in Australia to Include Same Gender Relationships


by Wendy Rooke

October 2017

Firstly, the current plebiscite voting is about changing the Marriage Law to include same gender relationships, it is not a dispute about the rights and wrongs of lifestyle choices. However, the "Yes" vote campaigners seem determined to make it about j…

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What Are Australians Really Being Asked in the Same Gender Marriage Question

The issue that is being discussed at the Federal Government level is something entirely different to what is being pushed through social media and those who are very aggressively campaigning for changes in support of the homosexual community in general .  Whilst a great many people already have an o…

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Will There be Redemption for Those Engaging in Homosexual Relationships?

The churches of the world are divided on this question and I fail to understand why.  Our Christian forebears have been very clear on this question and for some extraordinary reason the churches of today with only few exceptions have failed in their primary message to those who seek to be redeemed b…

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Presbyterian Church of Australia - Moderator-General John Wilson

“The General Assembly urges congregations to support the ‘No’ case in opposing the redefinition of marriage.” 

Without binding consciences, please read the following as a request from the PCA that when the government asks for your opinion that you consider supporting the “NO” vote.…

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