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Blog posts September 2019

A Short Tale about an Old Bloke

There was this wealthy land owner who was the original pioneer who had worked very hard throughout his life to bring prosperity to his family and friends in new lands that he had developed.  In fact the whole community benefitted from the prosperity of the dynasty in its later years and it came to b…

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What in the World is Really Happening to us?

The response to our release of the re-edited treatise on the Book of Revelation is quite revealing of a general societal view that cannot see past the things of this world and what exists before their eyes. In the treatise we examined in quite some detail its meaning and the ramifications for the wo…

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Are the End Times Upon Us Now?

Many would scoff at this, Christians included, and therein tells a story that reveals the ugliness of the deception that Satan is currently perpetrating on every human being on this planet by having them believe either there is no God in heaven, or this is a boring subject and the show on TV is much…

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