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Are the End Times Upon Us Now?

Many would scoff at this, Christians included, and therein tells a story that reveals the ugliness of the deception that Satan is currently perpetrating on every human being on this planet by having them believe either there is no God in heaven, or this is a boring subject and the show on TV is much more interesting. 

We have just re-published a comprehensive study into the End Times from which details we have principally drawn from the New Testament Book of Revelation in the first instance and also the prophecies from the Old Testament, including Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel and others.  The discoveries we have made are truly staggering and the Lord was not kidding when he said there were great blessings to be had for those who would read and act upon the message that it delivers.

If you have a desire to understand the Book of Revelation and you wish to have in your hand the keys to unlocking the sequence of all of the chapters and their meanings this is a one-stop-book that will turbo charge your appetite for getting to the truth about why we are on this planet in this life, who our Lord and Saviour really is and finally who why and where the forces of Lucifer are.  

In answer to the question asked above, let me be unambiguously clear that the material we have presented, without question, has identified serious issues that are impacting our societies today and are the precursor that none of us really wanted to see start to happen.  To the elders of the church congregations and the Royal Priesthood of believers,  it wouldn't hurt you guys to pick this up and see how you and yours are faring.  This is so serious and yet so covered-over through lack of educating the congregations and lack of leadership teaching that it is genuinely a tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes.

The article is over 300 pages and includes verse by verse explanations with supporting charts and diagrams to clearly show the whole story of the Redemption Plan for mankind administered by our Lord and Saviour from the very beginning.  

The Revelation Study is in our Book Shelf section for reading on line or downloading.


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