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Heathen Festivals and Christian Celebrations

A friend of mine sent me a cartoon depicting a Santa Clause figure with a young lad on his knee who is asking this bearded old gent dressed in red with a funny hat “Where are you in the bible?”  This inspired me to want to write an article on the evils of allowing the commercialisation of religious festivals by non-believing corporate retailers.  Or perhaps I should say Corporate Retailers who worship the heathen gods of mammon.  So, as I tend to do, I commenced a literature search to quantify the depth of this proposed article and its cross-reach outward to determine how far out I would need to go to encompass the majority of  religions.

Of note I read with interest an article by Andrew McGowan (Bible Review December 2002) and a further touching article by Dr Elias and Mrs Hidalgo from Shalom-Peace.Com.  These were, in my mind, stand-out from the usual material that are prolific in blogs and social media outlets because they came from two different inner sentiments, but both reflect a truth and reality that together orchestrate a pleasant sounding chord on this matter.

But the interesting aspect of these articles was the realisation that if I were to write anything at all in the same vein as all of those other social media-ites, it would simply be just another noise within a cacophony of chaotic shouts and grumblings that contemporary writers like myself become involved in.  So I re-thought my inspiration and decided that perhaps I have been out-gunned by the bigger guys.  Mind you, I asked the question if anybody out there in Mammonland is really reading this, and the best answer I came up with was – no.  Apparently when you cross the border into Mammonland the Border Security guards spray you with an anti-gospel substance (AGS) which protects you from seeing and hearing anything about God, the bible or Christian content discussions.  

It’s a bit of a shame really.  Some of the CEO’s and Board members of these Mammon worshipping retailers are family folk themselves with children of their own, some go to church, some don’t, mind you, because Sunday is their only day off, however outwardly they have an appearance of normality. “So what is normal?” you ask.  Simple!  Normal is when your name is not written in the Book of Abnormals.  But because they have been sprayed with AGS these corporate high-riders simply ply their trade and to heck with whether it is right wrong or indifferent.  Oh by the way, yes they celebrate big on Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Spring Racing Carnival Day, Football Day, Tennis Day, Golf Day, Cricket Day…………….you get the picture, and this is just here in the Western world.  It is no better in other cultures.

So what is the point of writing anything.  No one is listening.  Every year Mammonland expands exponentially and the general societal view is that when you go there it is exciting, it has lights, colours, lots of people, food, gifts , alcohol by the truck load, parties, loud music, karaoke, toys and playgrounds for the kids.  Wow, what a great time everyone can have.  And talk about costs, for a family with three children under fifteen years Christmas for example only costs about $500 by the time you get something for your spouse, but then it is extra for your old folks and the parties you go to with Cris Cringle.

“What do you mean God is not in it?  Of course he is!  After all Christmas is all about God…….isn’t it?  Well, don’t be silly, you know what I mean.”

There you have it.  God becomes god and the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob becomes Mammon and no one knows or cares what the difference is.  How confusing to our young children.  Even they learn very early about going to Mammonland and think it is good.   

(This is an excerpt from a more detailed article that is in our Library )

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