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Now Australia is Playing the "Find The Aliens that Don't Exist" Game


And I thought we were smarter than the average bear when it came to being conned by the US to spend our hard won resources searching for things that don't exist.  But apparently not.  I guess scientists are the same the world over, prostituting their professionalism for raunchy money to act like they are seriously looking for non-existent aliens.

So they gave it a fancy name - "Breakthrough Listening" and we grabbed it and immediately decided to aim our guns at the Centauri siblings, Alpha and Proxima, but only because these were the closest planetary star bodies to us.  Good logic here to find nothing.  Its only going to take ten years. Even the bods at CSIRO don't believe aliens exist.   At least they have one foot on the ground.  

But the general societal view is in lullaby mode about all of this.  "Hey someone!  Throw the other switch to turn them on." 

Did you know that despite every effort over the last fifty years by the USA to find evidence of aliens and extra-terrestrial creatures that not one shred - not one wobble of sound wave - not one of anything has been found that could even vaguely point to aliens in the universe.  Does this worry you?   Well it should!

There is a Christian perspective on this that brings the real motive to the surface why nations are prepared to spend trillions of dollars chasing fictional comic characters that are but a mere figment of someone's twisted mind. Did you know that this whole nonsense stems from H G Wells' fictional story about a War of the Worlds. Well at least he knew it was all bunkum.

The truth of this matter is:  There are no aliens in space.  There is not going to be any attack on us.  We will not be put into slavery by hordes of creatures that fly in on mythical spaceships.  

Christians know that Science has an anti-God stance and they know that these scientists have been driven at any cost to prove that God did not create the universe and mankind.  We know that Science professes that the entire universe and all things therein happened by chance out of a chaotic deep space big bang event.  You know the mantra when the chaos theory is espoused, ie put a couple of logs of wood and a bucket of iron ore in a tumbler for a long enough time it will produce a perfectly formed timber house all nicely nailed together.  Out of chaos you say?  I don't think so.  How about give a chimpanzee a typewriter and over a long enough period it will re-produce a perfectly typed treatise on War and Peace. Again I don't think so.  Why do these people keep espousing this flawed theory thinking that the universe and the Earth and all things in it happened by accident out of chaos?  Excuse my bluntness, but this Chaos Theory is nothing but chaotic rubbish. 

So, good people, don't believe it, don't support it, don't teach it to your children because it is all rubbish.  God created the heavens and the earth and all things therein.  God did not create aliens to kill us off, why?  Because God has a Redemption Plan for mankind that is only part way through its implementation and he will not allow anything to spoil it.  Not even a rogue asteroid can kill us off.  So aliens? Not in this universe they don't.

You'd better believe it - its gospel.


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