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The Evil Trespass of Syncretism

Syncretism is the process of replacing Christian festivals and holy days with similar looking and sounding pagan festivals from ancient times where the heathen gods of old are resurrected but their names changed to still look to be Christian. It is now almost a worldwide phenomenon that this has occurred across the Christian landscape and millions of worshippers do not know who or what they are really worshipping when they go to church.

This catastrophe needs to be exposed and the believing members of Christian congregations made aware that they need to make urgent changes – either in how they worship or where they worship.  In putting pagan gods before the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob there is no middle ground; there is only the light of God or the blackness of evil.

In our Bookshelf Section we have addressed this ingress of paganism into our Christian churches though an article entitled, “Christendom is Suffering from a bad Case of Syncretism” where we identify exactly where this is occurring in almost every Christian congregation in the world. 

I believe it is time this paganism on a grand scale must be not only stopped but eradicated in a way that it will not return to destroy the eternal hopes of millions of souls.  Collectively, Christians on the ground will need to be single minded about not serving pagan gods before their God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and to do so push back against the Nicolaitan priesthoods that have allowed it to flourish under the false guise that  it is okay.

The article is no baby milk formula to swallow. To digest what God has to say about this will take a solid backbone and intestinal fortitude to go with the God of our Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation he wrought, bought and brought so that mankind could wrench free of the sinful state he was in. 

I can only encourage you to at least read the article, and implore you to make decisions about what actions you need to take that will release you from the grasp of this paganism that our Lord and God so hates.

We at Faithchasers believe this possibly is the biggest threat to Christendom since the 1st century after our Lord was crucified and ascended to heaven, so please help all earnest believers worldwide and distribute this to your Elders Group and those that have the responsibility for teaching your congregation.



View or Download the article from this link or go directly to the Bookshelf Section of the Website.  

  Christendom is Suffering from a bad Case of Syncretism


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