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There is always a price to pay!

I was disappointed to see the fragmentation of the Federal Liberal Party recently, if for no other reason that any such collapse of a federal government has a negative impact on the Australian population who already struggle with the erosion of the political landscape with landslides and subsistence failures.  However that being said, was it any great surprise that of the warring factions, including the opposition party, that none of those of a particular mindset gained anything out of it.

I am of course referring to those proponents for change in relation to the Marriage Act who added their positions to bolster the minority clatter and passive intimidation of the general population into thinking that a greater majority of them sought the changes as referred to in the Bill.  And passed the Bill did, and we here in Australia are forever now lumbered with a great undermining of our Christian moral standard in favour of a minority group who were, as a matter of note, supported by those powers who have an axe to grind over their exclusion from being able to drag God down to their level. If you don’t quite understand what this means, it is that the Australian Constitution in its preamble calls upon God to give us his blessing for the actions of our Governments who should rule in accordance with that which would drawer God’s blessings.  It was sort of a guarantee put into the Constitution by our Christian forefathers.

At the time when the Bill for change was being pushed through, it was difficult to understand why God would not have made a divine interdiction in response to our prayers to stop the change occurring to our Constitution, however after the initial rebuff from the pseudo Constitutional vote, which was itself a disgrace and I am of the opinion it too was designed to set a bias on the results, Christians settled back to accept God’s will on how this was to be managed into the future.

Do you recall those key people who used their position and the parliamentary megaphone to speak directly into almost every house in the country?  Well I draw your thoughts to the outcome of today.

The then Prime Minister has been dumped.  The chief protagonist dumped, the Leader of the Opposition denied any advantage by way of the continuity default, and the real winners - are the people of Australia who now have a Christian Prime Minister.  

In the eyes of God, there was a price to pay and sometimes that price is very public. 

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Geoff Rooke

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