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Thoughts About Changing the Marriage Laws in Australia to Include Same Gender Relationships


by Wendy Rooke

October 2017

Firstly, the current plebiscite voting is about changing the Marriage Law to include same gender relationships, it is not a dispute about the rights and wrongs of lifestyle choices. However, the "Yes" vote campaigners seem determined to make it about just that, missing, I think, the point about changing the current law.  I am a little confused as to why a homosexual couple would want to marry, since they have all the same rights as any defacto couple as it stands.  Marriage was instituted by God, as a sacred covenant between a man and a woman.  Clearly homosexual couples do not believe in God (or they would know that God calls it sin) so not sure why they want to marry anyway!

However, I received through Social Media a letter representing the Yes Campaign that is seeking to change the law and which purports to address the matter at hand.

The so called letter to "Dear Religious People" makes some interesting points - although completely misses the overall point that the Old Testament Law was done away with by the coming of the Messiah. And again I am confused as to why an (apparent) Unbeliever would endeavour to use the Bible to make their point, (the writing indicates a lack of understanding of the Scriptures and the message of Salvation) and equally is confused as to what the point actually is!

The thing that is made clear in the "letter"  is that it is impossible to live under and obey the Old Testament Law, and well done to whoever wrote it originally for illustrating that so clearly!

Under the law referred to, there were many do’s and don'ts,  and as so eloquently pointed out, totally impossible to obey in today's world. Of course, it WAS a law for the Jewish nation, and never intended for Gentiles.

What the letter misses is the entire New Covenant, or New Testament, which God made for Believers, both Jewish and Gentile, and is the Covenant currently in force which did away with, or superseded, the old Law. (as quoted in the letter)

Under the New Covenant, we are free from the Law (as quoted in the letter), but this does not mean free to sin against God. Rather, we are free to live our lives in obedience to God - meaning not living with any known sin, and repenting does not mean, being sorry for, it means recognising,  repenting and ceasing from the sin entirely. God gave us the right to choose.

How do we know what sin is?  Well first of all, because the Bible is very clear, and I’m speaking here of the New Testament and what God considers sinful, and those of us who are born again also have the indwelling Holy Spirit to teach and enable us to overcome sin. The Bible, specifically the New Testament is very, very clear on sin.

Is the sin of homosexuality any worse or any "better" than other sin? No, all sin is an abomination before God!  Sin is sin, there are no levels to it.  Will God condemn homosexuals? Absolutely,  right alongside thieves, murderers and adulterers (and anyone else continuing in Sin) !  Does God hate sinners?  No, God loves sinners, but He hates their sins!  Does God give everyone a chance to repent?  Absolutely!  Does God forgive all sins?  With the exception of blaspheming the Holy Spirit, yes, but we must stop committing the sin, forgiveness requires ceasing the sin, and repenting.

Is there a reason the Bible says more about homosexual behaviour than other sins?  Yes!  Because for the species of man to survive, marriage between and man and a woman is required! God gave us the institution of marriage for the purpose of bringing children into the world and providing a stable, God-fearing home in which to bring up those children.  This has been the model from the beginning, and history (religious and secular) proves that a deviation from this model brings disaster (sooner or later).

Do I hate homosexuals?  No!  What I hate is the sin that drags our community down!  The moral values and ethics by which a safe and peaceful environment are maintained are being eroded, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at our world and see the downward trend.  Drugs, alcohol, violence - to my mind, all attributable to the break down of society.  Are there good things in our society? Yes, lots!  Are there bad things?  Yes, lots!    Do I want people to be happy, to love and be loved? Of course! Loving and being loved is one of God's most amazing gifts to us. Love between two women, or two men is not forbidden, but the sexual act between same genders certainly is, and of course, given the God given definition of marriage, is totally impossible. Even nature understands the need for one male and one female!

Do I want the law to be changed to allow immorality a further foothold in our already morally corrupted world? Absolutely not! Do I consider homosexual behaviour to be immoral?   Without a doubt!  Why? Because I believe in God and He says it is!

We need to maintain, nurture and uphold good strong moral and ethical standards!  Where do we get those standards?  From the Bible!  Our society is based on Judeo/Christian values and morals, and for each one that is abandoned, there is a step down further into moral decline. 

Our children, and our children's children and their children, need US to make a stand and give them a world that is pure, clean, and righteous.  Don't be fooled, children are wiser than you think.

We spend time planting trees, cleaning up rubbish, stressing about climate change and the damage to the environment,  global warming, melting ice caps, the extinction of species, yet we spend no time or thought on the moral decline so evident in our society.  We spend huge sums of money treating gambling addiction, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and a multitude of other addictions.  We spend huge sums of money on law enforcement, fighting drug and alcohol fuelled violence on the streets and in our homes. 

Yet, we treat the symptoms, not the cause. What is the cause? Disobedience to God, removing Him from our lives and in consequence, our society. A society without a foundation, without a moral conscious or a moral compass, is corrupted and will fail – in fact is already failing.  The church is called to be the "Watchman on the Walls" alerting us to the dangers to our faith and belief and it seems to me the "Watchmen" are mostly sleeping, or whispering their warning!

You may think this sounds very "Victorian" and old fashioned,  but before you dismiss it, think back to your childhood.  Most of us would agree that the world was a safer, more secure, more morally upright place back then where most people knew right from wrong and generally did the right thing. Children were safe to play in the street and everyone looked out for each other.  Children were taught respect. Can we say the same now?

What are the hallmarks of our current society?

** Disrespect for authority. Police, Ambulance and Emergency Services personnel are attacked, often seriously injured and even killed.

** Disrespect for those older than ourselves (remember when young people immediately stood up when adults came into the room?)

** Disrespect for parents

** Violence in so many forms, even in shops, on the streets and on the roads, with so called "road rage" on the increase

** Family violence, not only against women, but against husbands and children, adults murdering children! And don't think that's not increasing!

** Young people killing another human just "to see what it feels like"

** Abortion on the increase, and now accepted for an "unwanted" pregnancy, ie more violence.

** Drugs a massive problem, killing addicts, causing untold pain to families.  All the crime associated with drug addiction.

** Alcohol causing so much suffering to families, leading to violence and crime.

Are you seeing the pattern?  Why is this happening? 

With all our advances and modern technology shouldn't our society be getting better? Becoming a more stable, safer, cleaner, wealthier, healthier place?  And yet, even the most optimistic among us would have to admit that is not the case, in fact you could say almost the direct opposite is true!  We have a less stable society than we did 50 years ago,  it's less safe, less clean, less wealthier and certainly less healthier, with hundreds of people dying from cancer alone on an almost daily basis!

What's gone wrong?

I believe the answer is simple.  We stopped believing in God. 

Has God left us? No!  He waits only for us to repent and turn to Him, because he gave us our own free will; He will wait for us; He will not force us to obey, but like any good parent there will be consequences for not obeying!  Why does God want our obedience?  So that He can bless us with abundant life now and eternal life when we pass away from this world. 

So God's message is the same yesterday, today and forever - repent of your sins, receive the Messiah and His indwelling Holy Spirit - and be saved into eternal life.  The choice is yours!


I would rather live my life as if there is a God

and die to find out there isn't,

than live as if there isn't and to die to find out that there is.


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