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What Are Australians Really Being Asked in the Same Gender Marriage Question

The issue that is being discussed at the Federal Government level is something entirely different to what is being pushed through social media and those who are very aggressively campaigning for changes in support of the homosexual community in general .  Whilst a great many people already have an opinion either one way or the other on the Federal Marriage Law, and in their naivety take it on face value that this is all the subject matter entails, in fact they are being duped.

Perhaps there always was an agenda by the Prime Minister and those in Federal Parliament, particularly the Labour Party, who are proponents of bringing change to these laws, because what is occurring "on the ground" is that the public are being threatened by aggressive tactics and bad behaviour to legitimise homosexuality across the board within our society.

Well for those interested, this matter goes far deeper than most think about.  If I take my biblical view, it is unequivocally and unambiguously clear that any form of homosexuality is an abomination to God.  Now whilst many run for their bibles and look up the scriptures and find that indeed in the Old Testament God deems homosexuality an abomination, hence his response to it in the City of Sodom, and to boot, the downfall of other societies, and also in the Gospels we find the apostle's determination that homosexual mankind will not be redeemed to heaven when they die, ie they will not be saved despite anything else to the contrary in their earthly lives: they are not saved now no matter how impressively they dress up, speak, profess God, do good works or commit their lives to welfare outreaches.  Sorry, but that is it.  Full stop.

If we allow what is an abomination to God to be free to permeate through our society, and I remind everyone that it is our children who will be severely impacted in their education from early childhood teaching to their primary school sex education programs (God forbid), we are saying that we are no longer a God abiding society.  We are saying that we, mankind, want to be able to do anything we desire regardless of whether it is good or evil.  Well ask yourselves what Australia will look like as a lawless, Godless place where clearly we have told God to, "Buzz off,  we don't want you any more".  

I firmly believe that it is Christians within communities who trigger a response from God when things go bad.  And there are some pretty bad things that happen - from natural disasters to just plain evil people. We need to retrieve the ground we have already lost to the lawless and Godless - not give more ground, and this is what all Christians should be thinking about.  We should be thinking, what would God want of us to say and do.  Do I really need to spell this out?

So if you are ambivalent about all this, if you have inadvertently stumbled over the homosexuality issue, if you want to put your hand up for the good of God, there is only one road to walk.  Do that which is right in the eyes of our Lord. Some churches support homosexual relationships in their ranks and others have refused to commit either one way or the other.  I have only read two statements that are unambiguously standing up for their Christian teachings and say, "No!" to homosexual relationships.  Well done!  The others..............well?

We all need to seriously think about this.  So many of the younger generations have this laissez faire attitude or conversely go with the "in crowd" and have no concept of the consequences of the deeper issues for humanity.

To the glory of God. "Thy will be done in earth as it is done in heaven."    





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