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What in the World is Really Happening to us?

The response to our release of the re-edited treatise on the Book of Revelation is quite revealing of a general societal view that cannot see past the things of this world and what exists before their eyes. In the treatise we examined in quite some detail its meaning and the ramifications for the world as we developed the outworking of the Lord’s prophecy as it was given to John the apostle, on the island of Patmos where he was held under confinement by the then government of the day. 

Perhaps I can understand a mind that won’t have a bar of God, or for that matter anything that might even smack of religion, even though the two are starkly different, that it is a mind locked shut with the vital parts that facilitate comprehension blocked toward anything that even vaguely connects to either.  And this is exactly what we are seeing in response to some very clear facts that we raised in that article.

Despite anything that may point to danger signs in relation to the direction technology is taking mankind it seems to be a fatal attraction, or even a resigned fait accompli that “they” will do what they want to do no matter what.  But I was surprised to see the Hon. Federal Treasurer saying in parliament that everyone should just embrace all technologies and essentially go-with-the-flow.

I would have expected our federal politicians to be better that this – to at least have had a clue about the ramifications to society if we abandon so many of our skills and life’s lessons in favour of pressing buttons and invoking AI as if it were a real human giving advice.  I could ask the question, “Did no one understand what the beast of Revelation is actually doing to mankind?” Or was it another “See no evil and hear no evil because we mentioned that “G” word in the article.

Well heavens above! All that the Royal Priesthood of believers is trying to do is open your eyes so you can see what’s really going on.  There are forces at work in the world today that are just blatantly evil to the core and their job is to take down as many souls as they can before their time is called before the Judgment Throne of Almighty God himself.  And their chosen weapon at this point is technologies that compromise the human thinking process; that lay souls open to being vulnerable to persuasive ideologies and to kick against everything that is wholesome and good in our societies.

We are seeing very worrying trends in the dismantling of legislation that uphold God given standards of decency in favour of very narrow and twisted minds that are systematically picking off everything that is blessed by God for community and in doing so are driving the societal view down to accepting anything that is dished up to it.  I mean to say even the garbage truck doesn’t pick up everything from the gutter so why aren’t our governments and our responsible leaders in society standing up and addressing these failings.  Surely the CV to become the treasurer of this nation would have to spell out that the candidate is savvy to societal needs and is respecting of the God given decencies bestowed upon mankind. If not, what is he doing in a parliament that is undergirded by the necessities of the Australian Constitution framed at Federation to do only that which attracts the blessing of God.   

Where are the watchmen on the walls, and where are their fire towers to signal the approach of the enemy, and if you don’t understand this saying you need to know you are hugely at risk because you really are deaf and blind – and to boot, asleep.   


Wake up Australia – God is calling.


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