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Why is there still unbelief in the Garden of Eden

Thirty Four years ago Dr Zarins from Southwest Missouri State University discovered the location of the Garden of Eden.  Since that time many other scientists from their fields in Archaeology, Geology, Topography, Linguistics, Toponymy and Hydrology (to name only the main ones) have added their voices to Dr Zarins research where today there is no doubt that the question of the whereabouts of the Garden's location has been solved.

One can lament that Dr Zarins research publication occurred so many years ago, but yet we are still continually confronted by the public perception (and by Christians too) that the Garden was a myth.  There is obviously an urgent need within our congregations to provide teaching on the basics of biblical truths which is a call to re-establish the foundations of the Christian faith.  By this I refer to who God is, how and why He created this universe and just exactly what the Redemption Plan is and why is it so important and moreso, how God is going about delivering the outcomes He has promised.

The Garden of Eden is just one element within the overall Redemption Plan.  We can talk about the creation of our world and in what order and by what means God used to bring it into being.  We can talk about the very specific order of how and when life was formed and why it is important to understand that God is Light and that creation was not done within a period of 8,640 minutes.  We can talk about how Hominin man was on Earth 500,000 years before Adam and Eve, and we can talk about why Jesus (Y'shua) was called the last Adam.

We need to get back to basics and we need to keep abreast of discoveries that confirm the authenticity of the Bible.  Our congregations are now looking for more than just being told the Genesis account is a truth - "so just believe it by faith".   Our congregations are looking for re-assurance in the face of severe ridicule and opposition that the Bible is the truth for the world at large, and it behoves every minister, every pastor, every priest and every committed Christian in service to God to bring comfort to the troubled - both within our churches and to the general public outside.

So let's get to it!


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