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What Are Australians Really Being Asked in the Same Gender Marriage Question

The issue that is being discussed at the Federal Government level is something entirely different to what is being pushed through social media and those who are very aggressively campaigning for changes in support of the homosexual community in general .  Whilst a great many people already have an o…

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Will There be Redemption for Those Engaging in Homosexual Relationships?

The churches of the world are divided on this question and I fail to understand why.  Our Christian forebears have been very clear on this question and for some extraordinary reason the churches of today with only few exceptions have failed in their primary message to those who seek to be redeemed b…

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Presbyterian Church of Australia - Moderator-General John Wilson

“The General Assembly urges congregations to support the ‘No’ case in opposing the redefinition of marriage.” 

Without binding consciences, please read the following as a request from the PCA that when the government asks for your opinion that you consider supporting the “NO” vote.…

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God Save the King - Is this a British Salutation?

I am still wading through the Books of Kings and similarly to finding a smiley (see previous post) I came across "God Save the King".  Now somewhere in the past I have registered that this saying was typically British going back into the previous millenniums.  But how wrong can some of these early p…

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How Old Are Smileys - :)

To my great surprise I have just discovered that Smileys are not a new aberration of the social media world.  I was wading my way through the Books of Kings in the King James Version when behold, 2 Kings 7:13 has a smiley.  Perhaps not as appropriate as one might think, but none-the-less there it is…

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The Book of Genesis is a Compilation of Ancient Song Lines

Having an understanding of the constructs that under-lie Song Lines that are commonly found in developed indigenous communities opens up the The Book of Genesis scripts to reveal some deeper truths buried in these early biblical chapters.

A recent study into the composition of the Hebrew Genesis …

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The Continuing Hunt for (Non-Existent) Aliens

I am in no doubt why the general societal view thinks that there are aliens and monsters out there in the universe.  They have no way of knowing the real truth of the matter and we all are subject to waiting on media releases and research papers from Science to inform us of the truth.

But what i…

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Should Christians embrace the research into human connections through DNA ?

Should Christians embrace the new genetic science of DNA research?  
“A good question” you may well say, “But what is its value when it comes to believing in God?”

Well the answer to that is – everything!   Yes I mean it is shaping up to be particularly relevant to biblical anthropogeny…

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Alien Spacecraft at work - The Telegraph 10th March 2017

You might gather from the title that this has something to do with that baseless, factless and fictional idea that there are aliens under every cabbage plant.  Well apparently a decade ago Science detected (not discovered) fast radio bursts coming from deep space.  These bursts have a very short fre…

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Believers are Still Confused About Genesis 1:26-27 and Genesis 2:7

I was inspired by an article that came through social media to pen a response to the question if Adam was a hermaphrodite prior to Eve coming forth.  That article tested the notion that Adam was both male and female, and when Eve was formed from Adam's rib the femininity of the female gender came ou…

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The Story of Creation Revisited Through Ancient Song Lines has been Revised

We have undertaken a revision to our Library article "The Story of Creation Revisited Through Ancient Song Lines" to align it to recent discoveries in relation to the location of the Garden of Eden.  This is another example of where the ancient song lines handed down the generations from the time of…

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Why is there still unbelief in the Garden of Eden

Thirty Four years ago Dr Zarins from Southwest Missouri State University discovered the location of the Garden of Eden.  Since that time many other scientists from their fields in Archaeology, Geology, Topography, Linguistics, Toponymy and Hydrology (to name only the main ones) have added their voic…

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What Deity Do You Think You Are Worshipping at Christmas and Easter?

At first glance you might think this is a very dumb question.  Thirty years ago I would have defended my belief that of course we were worshipping the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob at Christmas and Easter but I would have added that the evils of the world had crept into these festivals and were try…

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Heathen Festivals and Christian Celebrations

A friend of mine sent me a cartoon depicting a Santa Clause figure with a young lad on his knee who is asking this bearded old gent dressed in red with a funny hat “Where are you in the bible?”  This inspired me to want to write an article on the evils of allowing the commercialisation of religio…

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Now Australia is Playing the "Find The Aliens that Don't Exist" Game


And I thought we were smarter than the average bear when it came to being conned by the US to spend our hard won resources searching for things that don't exist.  But apparently not.  I guess scientists are the same the world over, prostituting their professionalism for raunchy money to …

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And You Think it is Okay to Rejoice Halloween?

Halloween derives its name and rituals from the pagan 16th century Celtic Harvest Festival that was "Christianised" into a popular convocation that was then prominent in Ireland.  It's name refers to All Hallows Evening and in its correct context was dedicated to remembering those that had died.

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Honestly, Do You Really Think We Are Living in a Matrix?


Have we all seen the Matrix trilogy? 

Did we grasp any deep analogy of this same principle applying to the real world?

Science fiction in the world today has taken a larger-than-life position within the general societal view whom think that life on other planets and aliens are not only poss…

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Did Y'shua (Jesus) really have siblings?

If we look at Matthew 13:55-56 we find that Matthew recorded that James, Joses, Simon, Juda and un-named sisters were children from Miriam (Mary) but this does not make them siblings per se'.

Given that Miriam was the last of the maidens that had the pure blood line of the Seed of Eve it was inevit…

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Our Myth List is Growing

With three more major articles added to the Library we are on our way.  Now up to a Myth List containing 25 serious "porkies" that are not only impacting society in general, but are also eroding some long standing faith links that Christians have toward the Word of God.  

Our aim?  We're going t…

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We Examine the Age of Modern Indigenous Tribes from a Christian Perspective

As DNA sequencing becomes another tool for looking back on ancient tribal ancestral roots we identified a cataclysmic event that would skew results back beyond 3,000 BC.  We have prepared an article that takes a Christian perspective and highlight how Science has come to miss an important period whe…

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