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Fishing Bait AND Tackle Box

Fishing Bait, as the term implies, is the business end of a Faithchaser's canny art of conversation to set a hook baited with a very interesting biblical fact that is not widely known in general society and to cast it into a conversation.   The idea is to cast this baited hook into an everyday conversation (where appropriate) and wait to see if anyone is going to take a bite.  Using this method, a Faithchasing fishing person can have multiple lines and hooks out in the "big sea" of those with belief issues and then need only to have patience to wait for a fish to bite.  Surprisingly, they will.

It is interesting that this word "canny" evokes thoughts about shysters and trickery.  In fact it is nothing like that and in reality it means "being shrewd" and "having good judgement".  Its synonyms are:, clever, perceptive, astute, discerning, intelligent, circumspect, prudent, sharp-witted, to name the main ones.  

The role of a Faithchaser is to address myths and losses of faith links through general conversation.  Bible bashing, as the term goes, has never been an effective method of witness and to a large extent neither have pushy and intrusive tactics if there has been no prior trust in the relationship.  To have influence with those who are party to the general societal view (who may even be Christians who unwittingly just haven't thought about an issue) the art of influencing that mind can be likened to fishing, and I see that it is no coincidence that the first disciples were just that.

The principle of casting a hook with a delicious piece of bait on it to catch a fish is an excellent analogy of the rhetorical devices that one can utilise to input truth and indirectly preach the word of God.  Other fishing practises in the form of using lures, or using berley and a casting net, fishing from shore or being in a boat in close company with others all are analogous to canny conversational influence.  

In a discussion about whether mankind will make a quantum leap to having super intelligence, one can throw in that this has happened twice before but it unfortunately won't happen again.   That is the bait on a hook.  No need for anything else to be said. Wait for any response.  If no response don't push the point.  There will always be a next time. 

Talking about the metal minerals Age of copper and tin, the Bronze Age or the Iron Ages, a baited hook might be, "you know that after 500,000 years Hominin Man was still stuck in Stone Age as a Neanderthal hunter-gatherer until Adam and Eve came along and they brought the knowledge of metallurgy into the world about five and a half thousand years ago".  There goes the bait and hook again.

What about climate change?  Did you know that 6,000 years ago there was no weather systems on the planet.  How about Noah's Flood?  Did you hear about the new discoveries by Science that there are enormous quantities of water in the Earth's mantle that could flood the entire world three times over.  We can even move sideways, for instance if you hear a conversation about the extreme age of the universe, your response could be: You know that the bible was first to indicate that the universe is older than the Earth, and by the way, it also was probably how come science got to know about it in the first place.  Can you see the hooks being cast out into the general societal view. What about that old chestnut - Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution?  It is more than just likely, and of no coincidence that he took his initial lead from Genesis.  No need to say any more - just leave it on the fishing line and wait.  

Now part two.  How do we reel the fish in?  Very gently!  It may take days, weeks, months, years.  But I can say with authority that the Word of God will itself witness to open minds once the seed is planted.  A good fisherman has patience in abundance and being canny is also understanding what you are doing. Very few souls are witnessed to and saved on the spot.  The greater majority take time to digest that which they struggle with internally and more often than not you will be just one person of many along the road that had an influence on a misguided or lost soul.  If you have a multitude of fishing lines in the water you will be very busy.  Even if you only have one line in at a time you will still be rewarded. Think like a canny fisherman.     

The articles and other materials provided through the website are designed to promote an understanding of how, why and when events in the bible occurred, and they can be condensed down into small bites of scriptural truths that become bait for the hooks and lines.  The list of conversational hooks, as you will have noted, opens up a very wild world of opportunity to any canny believer who wishes to get involved in the day-to-day work within the Kingdom of God.

Have fun.  It is exciting when you get your first bite.  Its called a canny tackle.