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Quiz Time

The Biblical Quiz page is a free public domain section that may be used by any person.  The page is intended to be used as a fun educational tool for youngsters and adults alike.  Church groups may also benefit through quiz-style programs run for their congregations.  Have fun!

Getting Started
There are ten quiz questions to each card and each Question Card has a corresponding Answer Card. These are all provided under separate View/Download links.  It is intended that a player (or group) download the Cards and play; and the answers be checked against the Answer Card via its separate link.

Sample questions :-

1.   What were the names of Noah's children?

2.   How many times did the Children of Israel compass about the walls of Jericho to make it fall down?

3.   From the Book of Ruth what was Ruth's mother-in-law's name?

4.   From John 8:32 complete this verse: "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall.............?

5.   What was the relationship between Mary (Miriam), the mother of our Lord, and Elisabeth, the mother of John the Baptist?

Some of the questions are very well known facts and others are pretty tough so we have catered for a broad range of player knowledge.

At the very bottom of the page we have provided a single Word document containing all of the questions and answers.



All questions and answers have been sourced from the Authorised King James Version of the Bible.  We have endeavoured to not be embroiled in controversial doctrine across the denominational landscape.

Faithchasers have invested many years seeking from God an understanding of some of the more pithy issues raised in the Book of Genesis and these may be reflected in a few of the quiz questions.  We have published many articles on this subject which are listed on this website. 

Please refer to our Book Shelf Library.

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Quiz Cards Download Section

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